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Fellow gal pal serving up tiny life, capsule wardrobe curation, the best of beauty, and hilarious life lessons I learn every. single. day. Picky eater. Never turns down a glass of wine. Always looking for the small details to make my day. 



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Dog Mom T-Shirt | AG Jean Shorts | Adidas Tennis Shoes | Sunglasses (similar) Let me just start this post by saying you would have laughed so hard at the looks that Mack and I got during this photoshoot with Rebel and Tiger. Luckily, we have no shame in our #dogparent game and Mack was […]

Beauty Tonic by Tonic Products My morning routine revolves around coffee! My day doesn’t start until I pour myself a hot cup and open my Bible study. I get such a warm feeling starting my day this way! Around the beginning of the year, I decided to look for a collagen product to add to my […]

CariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush In my opinion the easiest “beauty hack” is to invest in your smile. Eyelash extensions cost a fortune, dermatology procedures to brighten your skin involve lasers, and no matter where you fall on the spectrum of for or against Botox, it doesn’t last forever. However, our smiles are eternal! They are […]

 Frill Seekers Gifts There are certain everyday items that elevate how we feel! Isn’t that statement so true? We definitely don’t need things to feel happy, but every once and awhile you find that something special that just brings a hint of joy to your day. I find the most joy in two variations of […]

As most of you already know, Mack and I went to San Diego to celebrate our best friend’s wedding! Since we were traveling literally across the country, we went two days early to take a mini-vacay. Let me tell you, it was worth it! We had the best time exploring the city together, the weather […]

Alli Crowson Designs Welcome to my new series, Let’s Get Creative. Similar to my Let’s Get Locals, only these posts will highlight creatives that I know and admire both in my community and afar. With that, I bring you Alli Crowson Designs based in Austin, TX! I  have such an affinity for the creative arts […]

Simple Life Winery Rosé If you had asked me in college what my favorite thing to do when I was in my late-twenties would be, my answer would have probably been wrong. If you watched my Insta-story yesterday then you know that I am happiest when I am home. Now don’t get me wrong, I […]

JumpinGoat Coffee There are few universal languages in this world but coffee is definitely one of them. Whether meeting up with friends to chit-chat or coworkers to business plan, coffee is always present. For me, there’s something about waking up and anticipating that first sip of hot coffee. I am sure some, if not all […]

Gingham Dress | Watermelon Towel | Picnic Basket | Simple Life Winery Rosé As Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, I think we can all agree we’re so happy it’s here. For Mack and I, summer is always associated with the beach. But I know that for some of you, the beach means vacation. […]

Homemade Cronuts Cold Brew Salted Caramel Affogato 5-Layer Ice Cream Cake Do you fan-girl over people on Instagram from time to time (or in my case, all the time)? Well I do just that over Jamie Kamber of, a destination for affordable fashion, baking and travel inspiration. Luckily for me, I met her at […]

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