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Fellow gal pal serving up tiny life, capsule wardrobe curation, the best of beauty, and hilarious life lessons I learn every. single. day. Picky eater. Never turns down a glass of wine. Always looking for the small details to make my day. 



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I will be the first to tell you that Rebel, our morkie and Tiger, our yorkie, are pampered. With a capital “p”. And I have no shame in my work from home so I can be with my dogs all day game. So they were a huge consideration before we moved in our Airstream. We […]

Let me just start by stating that I had every intention of getting this post up earlier this week as we welcomed 2019 but here we are – happy Friday and 2019! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted but let me explain. For those that follow me on social, you already know that on […]

Simple Life Winery Pinot Noir | Simple Life Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Let me just start this post by saying that the photo of me, Rebel and Tiger, on the couch, with Simple Life Pinot Noir in hand… is as close as I get to feeling like Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm. And I love it! […]

True&Co. Everyday Collection In my opinion, being healthy is one thing whereas overall wellness is a totally different ballgame. So, how do we achieve wellness both inside and out? I think that when we feel our best, we can give our best. I’ve seen it play out in my own life… when being stretched too […]

Basic Invite Holiday Collection Is it just me or does the holiday season always creep up? Once Halloween hits, it’s one foul swoop and Thanksgiving dinner is on the table followed by decking the halls for Christmas. Before the year is too far gone, let’s take a step back and focus on what we can […]

Second Life | Jen Gotch is OK… Sometimes | WorkParty I will admit it… I am late to the podcast game. Before I started to tune in, my thought process was, “how do people have time to listen to podcasts?” But little by little I’ve started to work them into my routine. If I am […]

#GirlBoss | Uninvited | Leave Your Mark | Work Party | Lean In | Girl Code Have you ever felt like you just need to hit reset? Social media and I have a love/hate relationship. Mostly, love but a little bit of ughhhh too! So, how do I hit reset? I read. But I find […]

Goal Digger Sweatshirt | Zella Leggings (currently sold out in Black) | Blue Light Blocking Glasses Working from home sounds like a dream, right? While I am not here to argue that fact, because to me it’s the total dream, it’s no walk in the park. Before we dive in I wanted to clarify WHY I […]

Dog Mom T-Shirt | AG Jean Shorts | Adidas Tennis Shoes | Sunglasses (similar) Let me just start this post by saying you would have laughed so hard at the looks that Mack and I got during this photoshoot with Rebel and Tiger. Luckily, we have no shame in our #dogparent game and Mack was […]

Beauty Tonic by Tonic Products My morning routine revolves around coffee! My day doesn’t start until I pour myself a hot cup and open my Bible study. I get such a warm feeling starting my day this way! Around the beginning of the year, I decided to look for a collagen product to add to my […]

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