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Airstream Storage Solutions

Mar 23, 2020

Airstream Storage Solutions

Airstream Storage Solutions

Airstream Storage Solutions

Airstream Storage Solutions

Airstream Storage Solutions

Airstream Storage Solutions

When we made the decision to move our lives into 300 square feet, we joke now that we didn’t fully *think* through everything before jumping in headfirst. We had our idea of what it would be like but didn’t consider, ya know, where our suitcases would go. So, WHERE do we put our suitcases? And everything else? Spilling our Airstream storage solutions below.

Airstream Storage Solutions

The first step to Airstream storage is to conceal, conceal, conceal. When space is limited, it’s important to hide as much as you can. For everything that’s out, but not being used, it’s wasted space. And with only have 300 square feet to live in, there’s literally no room for wasted space of any kind. Here’s how we conceal our belongings and keep our sanity. The latter is very important. 😉

Under Bench Storage

The front L-couch area is where we spend most of our time. At the time of purchasing the Airstream, the under-bench storage was non-existent and we needed that precious space hidden underneath. So, Mack cut into the surface board, which enables us to place items under the seating area. To take it one step further, and ensure there was support for anyone actually sitting on the bench, we had a contractor reinforce the bench with a new surface board. He added a hinge to the new board, and a swivel bar to hold it up while in use, and it’s perfect. The items we store under this front bench include: (1) our dog food canister, (2) all cleaning supplies, and (3) all paper goods like our RV toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

*Pro Tip: utilize a storage bench like our spotted one to not only extend the L-couch but for additional hidden storage, too!

Under Bed Storage

Next, our Airstream bed is custom built and we often say it’s the best thing we decided to do. It’s a queen-sized bed, that allows for enough room on either side, which is crucial to make the bed daily. And while it’s a slight workout to get make the bed,  it’s worth it. Similar to our bench storage, we had the bed built with a “hatch” underneath the mattress, to provides access to the entire space underneath the bed. I have enough room to crawl under the bed and it’s where we store the bulk of our items that we don’t use daily. Items we store under the bed include: (1) Suitcases (we keep three suitcases in varying size and a duffle bag), (2) Medicine Cabinet Items (cold meds, extra q-tips, etc.) and our extras (rubbermaid containers with things we love, but don’t need access too, extra hangers, extra Airstream materials like our flooring tiles, etc).

Never Overcrowd Cabinets

Finally, and probably the most obvious is the utilize the built-in storage like cabinets and drawers throughout the Airstream. From upfront and rear cabinets to kitchen-area storage, luckily, there’s ample space as long the items are pared down. We really focus on not overcrowing our cabinet areas because as we all know, that’s just annoying. We often audit our cabinets, re-organize and purge items, to keep everything tidy and visible.

Here’s how we use the three sectors of overhead cabinets: (1) Bedroom – we use the back two overhead cabinets as nightstands and the two on each side for folded clothing like jeans. (2) Kitchen – all plates, bowls, cups, and pantry items are situated in the upper cabinets throughout the kitchen. And (3) Front/Living Area – all office-type supplies live here.

There you have it! And while you may be sitting there thinking, “I could NEVER do that.” You totally can. If you would’ve seen our townhome before we pared down, you wouldn’t believe where we are now! And if you want to know if we miss all the things we once had, read more about that HERE!

Questions about how to really pare down and get organized? Feel free to shoot me an email at and I can help! I’d love to hear from you, as always!

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