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Airstream Kitchen Essentials + Organization

Nov 25, 2019

Airstream Kitchen Essentials + Organization

Airstream Kitchen Essentials + Organization

Airstream Kitchen Essentials + Organization

Happy {early} Thanksgiving! Mack and I are in Colorado with my family this week and excited to have my Mom cook us a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Wherever you are this week, I hope you’re with family and ready to enjoy some good food (& alllll the wine, too!) 😉

While we’re not in the Airstream this week, I think it’s fitting to chat through how we organize our super small kitchen and manage to cook, too! Just like laundry, this is one of those factors that we didn’t think through before diving headfirst into tiny life. But, like everything else, we adjusted and totally make it work. Wanna know how? Spilling the details below.


Kitchen Essentials + How to Organize (& Cook In) an Airstream Kitchen

Kitchen Essentials

With limited storage, we have only the essentials. First, we have plates, bowls, mugs, and cups (in sets of four). Cutlery essentials. Cookware that is drilled down to three frying pans (in varying sizes), and one pasta pot + strainer (because your girl cannot live without my carbs). One set of mixing bowls (for the baking I don’t really do). Our Nespresso machine. An array of food storage containers. A Crockpot. And a toaster. Oh, and of course my wine glasses (I currently have three because I broke one) and two whiskey glasses for Mack. You guys… that’s really it. We have everything we need and nothing more in our kitchen.

How to Organize an Airstream Kitchen

Since we don’t have that much to store, it’s really not too hard! We keep our wine/whiskey glasses in one upper cabinet. Our plates, bowls, and cups in the next. Then across from that, we have our pans, pasta pot, and the strainer in anther upper cabinet. Finally, we keep our Crockpot and mixing bowls in one lower drawer that’s stored under our kitchen table bench. And all food storage items in the opposing lower drawer. Nothing is too cramped, and everything is accessible.

We keep the Nespresso and toaster on the countertop. But the toaster is tucked away in a built-in storage area that doubles as our “pantry.” We have a few areas that we keep food — one sliding drawer with multiple layers of storage, one upper cabinet, the “pantry” area and of course, our RV-sized refrigerator.

Now, my mom would want you to know that all of our wedding gifts are in the storage closet at our house (she was very concerned about all of our gifts during the initial move). So, someday we can return to having an actual kitchen fit for entertaining. Until then, I’ll live with an odd number of wine glasses. 😂

How to Cook in an Airstream Kitchen


The answer: get a grill. Mack meal preps every single week outside on the grill. It’s really the only way to accomplish preparing the amount of food he consumes in a week while also living tiny. In our house, we were able to work in the kitchen simultaneously on the week’s meals. Now, not so much. But we’ve got our new system — I usually cook inside while he’s out with the grill.

Breakfast + Lunch

For breakfast and lunch, I mostly stick to the stovetop and in 100% honesty, I eat a lot of scrambled eggs and toast! They’re just so quick and easy. We have a gas-burning stovetop that runs off of our LP gas. Every time we want to use the stove, we go outside and turn the gas on, and light the pilot on our stove. We like our gas stove, but I steer pretty far away from the oven. The flame in the bottom of the oven to heat it scares me (read: why I won’t bake). I may be crazy, and I own that.

Prep Space + Cleaning

Next, prep space is non-existent as we have no countertop space to spare. So, we opt for our kitchen table. That’s where most all food gets prepped, stored and also, consumed.

As far as clean up goes, wiping up every single crumb in an Airstream is a MUST. We’ve kept bug control paramount because I don’t do bugs. But we’ve noticed a few ants here and there, leading to crumbs every time. To combat that, each night before bed, I wipe the entire kitchen and dining area down with a Clorox wipe, and I will quickly sweep the floors too. Just another fun tiny living tip.

Finally, believe it or not, we don’t have a dishwasher! We wash every single item by hand. I thought I’d miss our dishwasher more than I do. But hand-washing the dishes really doesn’t bother us! 🙌

Long story short: we won’t be serving up Friendsgiving in the Airstream anytime soon! But we enjoy dinners together each day (even if we had to pivot our typical meal-prep routine). Seriously, meals shared at our booth for two are my favorite part of the entire day.

Does that help answer all of your kitchen and cooking related questions for those window-shopping Airstreamers out there? Let me know!

Thanks for spending part of your holiday week with me!!

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