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Lessons Learned After One Year in Our Airstream

Oct 31, 2019

Lessons Learned After One Year in Our Airstream

Lessons Learned After Spending One Year in Our Airstream

Lessons Learned After Spending One Year in Our Airstream

First, Happy Halloween! We hope you all have the best night trick-or-treating, eating candy, and watching scary movies! Fall is the best time and Halloween is always a brisk night filled with all the things that assure us that Fall has finally arrived.

Halloween also marks ONE YEAR of full-time Airstream life for Mack and me. As most of you know, we also own a home that we decided to rent out starting November 1st of last year. So, Halloween was our very first night in an RV ever and our head-first dive into living tiny. In reflecting on the past year, here’s what living in our Airstream full-time has taught us.

Lessons Learned After One Year in Our Airstream

Living a Simple Life Isn’t Always Simple, But It’s Worth It

There are challenges unlike any other when you live in an Airstream. For example, when something goes wrong with a toilet in your house, you call a plumber (& use another bathroom until the issue is resolved). In an Airstream, there is one toilet and it can only be fixed by an RV repair person — which we found challenging to get in touch with and expensive. Always, really expensive. So, while there are unique caveats to living tiny when it comes to repairs or laundry, it’s worth it as the good days outnumber the challenging.

We’ve found the simplified life, with less stuff and less space, to actually be such a sweet and fun time. We’re basically always within three feet of one another, we watch more movies in bed, drink more wine outside, and walk the dogs (more times a day than I am willing to admit) — and it’s in those moments when the simple life is so, so sweet.

RV Park Living Provided Community We Didn’t Know We We’re Missing

My favorite thing about RV life is the community in the RV park where we reside. It’s a long-term rental only, somewhat retirement, RV community situated just two blocks from the beach. And it’s nice. Like, so nice, I fear it will ruin every other RV park we go to. But when a spot opened up they were nice enough to welcome us in (mostly because of Mack’s military service, I think). And the people we’ve met have become like family. If I had to describe full-time RV park living, I would say it’s like going back in time. We sit outside with our neighbors weekly (sometimes nightly), we watch SEC football games and cheer on our teams over the weekend, we grill together, drink wine together and know about each other’s lives and families, too. Now, I’ve always been an old soul, but I found my people. Living in the RV park provides the community that we didn’t even know we we’re missing — and that’s a gift.

Quality over Quantity (in every aspect of life)

So, I always thought I was budget-conscious and really honed in on want vs. need. I am here to tell you I was wrong. Put us in 300 square feet and want vs. need is no longer an option or even a consideration. If you need it, you already have it. And if you want it, it won’t fit. With that, we really have to be so mindful of our purchases. We spend less on things and shift our focus to what we have instead of buying new. All that to say, we have traveled more than ever, dined out fancier without a care, and even lived large all the way in Iceland this past year. BUT we’ve been able to do all these things because we aren’t spending money on those mostly unnecessary Target Runs, ya know? The quality has increased, in every aspect of our life really, while the quantity has gone down!

Finally, three weeks into Airstream living, I had a breakdown. I cried to Mack so hard and thought we made a major mistake. Like major. But then that feeling subsided and the normalcy set in and stuck around — and here we are one year later. It’s been a wild one but it’s been worth it. And while we don’t know how long we will do this, it will always be a time that has and continues to teach us so much (& provide so many laughs)!

Sooo tell me, do you think you could live in 300 square feet for 365 days with your spouse and puppies? 😂

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