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How to Help Your Dogs Adjust to Tiny Life

Oct 7, 2019

How to Help Your Dogs Adjust to Tiny Life 1

How to Help Your Dogs Adjust to Tiny Life

How to Help Your Dogs Adjust to Tiny Life

I will be the first to tell you that Rebel, our morkie and Tiger, our yorkie, are pampered. With a capital “p”. And I have no shame in my work from home so I can be with my dogs all day game. So they were a huge consideration before we moved in our Airstream. We saw tons of other couples on Instagram living tiny with their pets and they seemed just fine. I should’ve known better than to trust strangers on the internet (😉) because, in all honesty, it took Rebel and Tiger awhile to adjust to our new life. Somehow, someway, we made it through that transition (even after a trip to the vet because I swore Rebel was depressed). And I think I figured out a few simple and applicable ways to ensure that our dogs feel at home, even in 300 square feet.

How to Help Your Dogs Adjust To Tiny Life

Give The Dogs A Space That’s Their Own

Like people, I am convinced that dogs need their space too. We made sure to include their favorite beds, blankets, and toys in our move. Next, we designated an area that’s their domain — the front portion of the couch, closest to my computer. In appointing their space from the very beginning, now that’s the place they always gravitate toward as space is seriously limited. In creating a space that feels like their own, I think it helped them find home away from our actual home. As time has passed, they’ve both settled into their little space well. Rebel and Tiger both love to look out the windows all day and/or sunbathe as the sun streams in each morning and afternoon. As you can see here!

Continue The Normal Routine

Our life on wheels looks so different from living in our traditional home. But in that, I tried to keep the dogs on a routine consistent with what it looked like when we lived in our house. Breakfast and dinner are at the same time. We walk at least three times a day (sometimes more), and I always make sure to allot playtime each day. And while their bowls are situated under the table, our walking path is different, and playing in the Airstream hallway is interesting, to say the least— it’s our normal now! And the as close to normal routine will do!

Find New Ways to Play

Rebel and Tiger played together more often in our house by chasing each other through the bedrooms. Well remove the upstairs bedroom situation and the ability to run around almost completely, and we had to get creative with new ways to play inside the Airstream. Luckily, Tiger is easily entertained, and we play fetch down the one hallway that we do have. And Rebel is happy to chew on one of his favorite toys by my side while I throw a toy to Tiger. So, while they’re not playing together as much, they still seem happy with our current alternative. And when in doubt, we go on another walk or down to the beach to burn off any extra energy in the evenings.

Finally, despite our best efforts, Rebel and Tiger still get so scared during storms, think we’re going to step on them always, and when a pillow falls on the couch, Rebel thinks it’s the ends. But we’ve also traveled with them more than ever, introduced a stroller into our walks to the beach (to then let them run free in the sand), and leave a movie playing when we’re going to dinner or running errands. Long story short, they’re doing just fine and while Mack will tell you they’ve always been just fine in the Airstream, I think our intentionality to make them feel comfortable has something to do with it.

Do you have any tricks to make your puppies feel comfortable in the midst of changing circumstances? Drop ‘em below if so! I am up to make sure Rebel and Tiger are truly living their best lives at all times. Because they make our life so much better, just by being there!

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