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How to Curate a Capsule Wardrobe in Three Steps

Sep 22, 2019



The thing that made me feel most unlike myself after moving into the Airstream was the dreaded question of, “what should I wear?” At first, I sold my entire closet leaving me with the basics but a mismatched array of things that I liked, but not so much served me. I remember going to an event just weeks after downsizing and I couldn’t, for the life of me, find something to wear. In complete honesty, I told Mack I was having a “crisis” that night. Read: I didn’t feel like myself. So, I set out to curate a well-rounded, yet tiny, wardrobe to avoid feeling like that ever again. And here’s how I did it — whether you’re going tiny or not — these tips can help you hone in on a wardrobe that works for you!

How to Curate a Well-Rounded Capsule Wardrobe in Three Steps

Identify What Pieces You Gravitate Towards

For me the pieces I gravitate toward most include; leopard print, a good pair of black tennis shoes and layering pieces because, #alwayscold. I reach for my favorite pair of jeans, a simple gray tank, draping black sweater, black tennis shoes and I am on my way. For a fancier occasion, I swap the gray tank for a lacey cami and the tennis shoes for heels, and that’s that. We like what we like, no matter how big or small our closet is. It’s a matter of being mindful and recognizing what you always grab for that’s the key.

So, take inventory of what you wear and what you don’t wear right now. This will immediately help you curate the capsule wardrobe that’s fit just for you.

Cut Out What You Don’t Reach For

Next, it only makes sense that once we identify the items we gravitate towards, it’s time to cut out what we never reach for. Again for me, this includes; bright colors and patterns that I felt like we’re too loud for easy pairing or multi-wear purposes. With that in mind, I identified a color palette that made me feel most confident — black, neutrals and of course a good spotted print here and there. And ya know what? This enabled me to part ways with various multiples of items that I was holding onto that didn’t need to take up real estate in my closet.

The best way to apply this to your closet is first to identify multiples of items you have (think four jackets when you only reach for two), then drill it down one step further by honing in on your lifestyle and items you’re holding onto that you no longer have a purpose for. Do you work from home like me? Then chances are you can part ways with those blazers, black tailored pants, and office-appropriate heels. Am I right, or am I right? The same thought process can be applied, no matter what your current situation is. Identify only the pieces that make sense for you and bid farewell to the rest.

Utilize Staple Accessories to Elevate Your Look

We all need a uniform in which we feel our very best. But to elevate that uniform, or for occasions when the uniform isn’t the best look, it’s time to bring in the accessories. Say, for example, it’s date night and my favorite pair of jeans aren’t suited for the restaurant we’re going to. For these times, I go with one of my favorite little black dresses/or a jumpsuit, heels and statement earrings. And to be really specific, I usually wear my hair in a low pony to make the statement earrings pop, with a bright lipstick to feel a little fancy. And although I always use one go-to tote bag, in this case, I may opt for the smaller LV cross-body that I stole borrowed from my mom. I believe that accessories are the key to making me feel more like me, in the midst of a tiny closet.

What accessories can you not live without? Maybe it’s a pearl headband, statement watch/bangles or a personalized clutch. Know what makes you for best and keep those accessories around for the times when your uniform is too casual for the setting and situation!

When I tell you that my closet is the size of a large carry-on suitcase, it’s the truth. But even my friend recently commented on how well I’ve been pairing various items. The last few times she’s seen me, I’ve basically been in the same three items, just styled in different ways. Which you can totally do too when you have a wardrobe who’s color palette never competes but compliments. Oh, and my chambray shirt is my best friend… but we’ll get there next!

Have you considered curating a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to know!

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