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Home Sweet Airstream

Jan 4, 2019

Home Sweet Airstream

Home Sweet Airstream

Home Sweet Airstream

Home Sweet Airstream

Home Sweet Airstream

Home Sweet Airstream

Let me just start by stating that I had every intention of getting this post up earlier this week as we welcomed 2019 but here we are – happy Friday and 2019! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted but let me explain. For those that follow me on social, you already know that on November 1st Mack and I went allllll in and moved into our 1993 Airstream which, in total, is maybe 300 square feet! Now that we are getting settled after about eight weeks of full-time tiny living (& still alive to talk about it), I knew I had to get back to you all and fill ya in!

But first, I have to address the thought that I’ve had probably one million times over the past few weeks….”HOW am I going to run my life and style blog when my closet is the size of a suitcase?” And even though I don’t fully know the answer to that yet, I am going to try. Because just like life, this space has to grow, change and evolve as life does. If it doesn’t well then… it would be pretty boring, right? SO with that in mind, there will still be home (although tiny-focused), fashion (capsule wardrobe pieces + athleisure) and life (working full-time from the Airstream, organizing, downsizing and so much more). I hope you’re here for it – and if you are then get ready for some laughs because Mack and I have stories for days. In the meantime, I will give you three takeaways we’ve noticed so far!

Three Takeaways After Eight Weeks of Home Sweet Airstream

You Don’t Need All That You Think You Do

When we first moved into the Airstream (which by the way, we call The BelAIR!), I didn’t know how I would survive with all that we brought. Translation: all that would fit. BUT we are doing it. We have four sets of dishes, bowls, cutlery, mugs, etc. Three, I repeat three, cooking pots/pans. One baking dish. I mean, it’s scarce in here – and doable. Not to mention that I made over $2,000 selling my closet. I was sad during the process but now that it’s gone and my closet is tiny, I really am okay! I wear lululemon daily and just live my best. life. Bottom line, you don’t need all that you think you do. We are still able to do everything we could in our house (minus laundry – we’ll get to that!) and we’re still two fully functioning humans haha.

The Weather is Everything

I’ve never, and I mean never, been so aware of the weather. The forecast determines if I will need to crank up the furnace or wear a tank top and brace myself for a warm day. Granted… this is to be expected considering the Airstream is what it is, ya know? Like this isn’t a fully insulated house that offers relief from the elements. In fact, although it’s not abrasive, the outdoors inevitably determine what kinda day we’re going to have inside. A small price to pay however for those beautiful days when we open every window and leave the screen door wide open. We live for those days! And small side note, we bring the dogs to the beach almost everyday now which is so much fun!

Adjustment Comes With Time (yes, even just two months!)

The first week of tiny living I didn’t know if we would make it. I hit my head about ten times each day and felt like we were living in, well, 300 square feet. Translation: I was worried. We went to a wedding in Mississippi after just two weeks of living tiny and it was a welcomed escape. But I was on the phone with my mom the other day and said, “it’s crazy how quickly this became normal.” Now it just feels like home. And we don’t miss our 1,200 square foot house. In fact, we’re excited to have it rented out as we continue to build this life together. Life is so funny but one thing is for sure… adjustment always comes! No matter how many times we hit our head in a day. Which I still do…. every morning when I make the bed.

So there you have it! I just wanted to be transparent and set the expectations for you (& me, too!) as we enter this new year and new chapter! And of course, if there’s something you are dying to know about, just shoot me an email!

Thanks for popping by today! I hope you had a great first week of 2019. And if not – your girl locked herself out in the rain, in my pajamas with both of the dogs this week… so it can only go up from here. Here’s to hoping! 🙂

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  1. Dawn says:

    Great first post of 2019. Being flexible and making adjustments is a must for living, loving, and growing. Change is not easy … but is inevitable at some points in life. Glad you have your sense of humor thru it all. ???? Happy New Year.

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