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Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season with Simple Life Winery

Nov 13, 2018

Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season

Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season

Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season

Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season

Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season

Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday SeasonSimple Life Winery Pinot Noir | Simple Life Winery Cabernet Sauvignon

Let me just start this post by saying that the photo of me, Rebel and Tiger, on the couch, with Simple Life Pinot Noir in hand… is as close as I get to feeling like Patricia Altschul from Southern Charm. And I love it! But all that to say, you may notice a little change of scenery around here in that Mack and I actually did it – we moved into our Airstream! Just in time for the holiday season we will be capping off 2018 by going tiny (as they say). And this holiday season it’s clearly not going to be about what we get, but rather what we already have, as we sip into the holiday season feeling very, very grateful!

As we’ve downsized our life (and mostly my closet haha) we’ve learned more than one lesson about what we really need. As the happiest time of year approaches, I want to share those lessons as a sweet reminder that you probably already have all you need. In fact, it’s most likely right in front of you!

Three Ways to Sip into the Simple Life this Holiday Season

Quality over Quantity

I remember as a child my brother and I used to count our gifts! The more under the tree, the better. But as I’ve grown, I now understand that less is more and quality is everything over quantity. We applied this same idea as we moved into our Airstream. We don’t need all 16 plates that our old kitchen used to house to feed a large party! Rather it was important for us to bring the set of four that Mack’s grandmother gifted us at our wedding. We eat off of those plates, wash, and repeat, daily and through that – we are also reminded of her! Quality over quantity… every single time. Because the less you have, the more you realize what you have! Which brings me the next point. 🙂

You Already Have it All

I saw a quote recently that read, “if you are grateful for what you have, you already have enough.” That stops me in my tracks, literally. We are all beyond blessed if we really think about it. And I’d venture to say we already have it all! When we look to what we do have, rather to what we don’t – joy is found in the present and what we have is enough. When Mack and I look at our life in 1,300 square feet as opposed to 300 square feet, nothing really changes because even in downsizing, we are still content. If we approach the holiday season focused on what we already have or even better, what we can give – it really will be the happiest time of the year!

Who You Sip With is a Gift

Those that sip, I mean sit, around your table are all that truly matter. Relationships. Family. Friends. They matter! And honestly, nothing else does. This holiday season it will mostly likely just be me and Mack around our tiny table (and Reb & Tigs, of course) and that’s a gift. As you all know, Mack serves in the military so to have him home for the holidays is literally ALL I ever want. This year, he’ll be here and we will treat ourselves to a bottle of wine while we watch movie. And THAT will be my best Christmas yet! Remain thankful for the people in your life. Those you sip with bring you laughter, joy and memories… and those are niceties that can’t be found in any stocking or under the tree! Cheers to that, right?

So while our holiday season will look a little different than it ever has before, we are excited to embrace our ever present simple life! How do you vow to focus on the simple things this holiday season? I’d love to know! 🙂

Have a great Tuesday! Thanks so much for stopping by today.

| In partnership with Simple Life Winery. All opinions are my own. | 

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