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Where ‘Em Anywhere Tennis Shoes + Rule Breaking

Sep 6, 2018

Where 'Em Anywhere Tennis Shoes

Where 'Em Anywhere Tennis Shoes

Where 'Em Anywhere Tennis ShoesBlack Dress | Adidas Tennis Shoes | Sunglasses | Gigi Crossbody (almost identical)

I’ve honestly never really been one to follow rules. Like, it was a problem as a child. Ask my mom. She always says, “there’s one in every family.” Which is code for my brother was a perfect angel and I was her problem child. But, we’re past that now thankfully (I think?). Although, I find that other commonly accepted rules such as; “you have to work a traditional job,” or “you can’t eat just fruit for dinner,” or even something like, “no white after Labor Day,” simply don’t apply to me. Can you relate?

Luckily, I started watching my Digital Pass to the Create & Cultivate Chicago conference yesterday and I am encouraged by other #rulebreakers who are making their way in the world. Some with defined paths, drawing back to moments of success and other just getting started and winging it. In typical fashion, I have to pause the videos to take notes and since it’s the end of the week, I want to share a few nuggets that I found noteworthy (literally).

Takeaways for the “Rule Breaker” | Create & Cultivate Chicago

Ask What Can Go RIGHT

I am a text book over-thinker, second-guesser and nay-sayer about anything I don’t have every answer to. It drives Mack insane! He often encourages me to beat this way of thinking, “that the world is out to get me.” The creator of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, put it this way, “ask what can go right.” My ah-ha moment, girls! Stop thinking about everything that can go wrong and instead focus on what how what you create will positively impact people, bring value where it’s needed or infuse a fresh idea on something that already exists. Start listing what can (and will) go right… ignore the rest.

There is POWER in Prep + Practice

In college speech class, I severally under-prepared for a speech one time. That was all it took. One mid-speech panic attack and swift exit of the classroom (yup, I just WALKED OUT), showed me the repercussions of neglecting to prepare and then practice. I was reminded of this when a panelist voiced that power lies in these to key steps. Whether negotiating, pitching or simply reaching out to a brand, confidence will show through when you properly prepare. The speech class exit incident occurred during my sophomore year. You better believe that by senior year, I had every presentation almost memorized in fear I would have another mid-speech panic attack. It hasn’t happened since. The best reminders are found in the most simple tasks. Prep and practice.

Everything is a Stepping Stone to SOMETHING

I love this idea. I believe in this idea. I wouldn’t be doing what I do from home if I didn’t start this blog, learn how to communicate online and even master photography. There is value in the side-hustle. I am honestly writing this post to you, YES! But I am also writing it as a personal reminder because we can never connect the dots looking forward. Rather, they connect only when we look back (borrowing that one from Steve Jobs haha). And I can clearly see so many stepping stones that fell into place (by the Lord’s grace alone) which have brought me to where I am and Mack to where he is. We are thankful and excited for the ride, always.

The best news about this post is that I’ve only gotten through about half of the Create & Cultivate conference. I will for sure share more inspo because if anything is worth sharing, it’s that!

Have a great remainder of the week! Thanks for stopping by today.


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  1. They are perfect to add the cool touch to any outfit! Happy Friday xx

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