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Elevate Your Clear Stadium Bag in 2 Minutes

Sep 25, 2018

Elevate Your Clear Stadium Bag in 2 Minutes

Top | Demin Shorts (almost identical) | Tennis Shoes | Sunglasses | Clear Stadium Purse

As you all know, Mack and I have a very alive rivalry in our household! I mean, our doggies even hold our school spirit in their namesake! In case you don’t follow SEC football, Mack loves LSU and I graduated from Ole Miss so we have fun being rivals – once a year! With that being said, we are headed to Baton Rouge on Thursday so I will be signing off early this week. But before we go, I wanted to share with you how I elevated my clear stadium back in 2 minutes and for $0. Give me anything that’s actually free and I am HERE for it!

But let’s back up. I haven’t used my clear stadium bag since last year’s LSU vs. Ole Miss game. But with gameday on my mind, I started to search the internet, you know just “window scroll” if you will. But, similar to window shopping, it’s hard to resist the urge to buy. So I came across the literally cutest clear bag ever… with a statement strap that had my clicking “add to bag” without a second thought. But we really try to stick to our budget and well, the clear bag wasn’t budgeted. Furthermore, I literally NEVER use it (but once a year). So I knew the purchase would result in #buyersremorse.

This obsession with the statement strap got me thinking… how can I elevate the clear bag that I already have and do so in a way that didn’t cost us anything. Admittedly, the clear strap on my bag was less than cute. And then I had this “DUH” moment! Just about all of my handbags have removable straps. All I had to do was switch the strap! Although not statement making, the strap that I pulled off my Gigi handbag makes this bag look way better (& way more expensive) than it actually is! Mission accomplished if you ask me.

So if you’re going to a football game or concert in the near future, opt for this clear bag (under $25) and select a strap from a handbag you already own to elevate it with ease! Seriously, the clear bag I wanted was $136. I could maybe justify its worth if I was still attending games weekly. But for my once a year “Hotty Toddy”, this’ll do just fine!

Needless to say, we are SO excited to attend the game. Honestly, this is my first away Ole Miss game. To avoid being heckled, I want to appear sporty but still spirited. I’ll report back next week and let you know how it that goes haha.

Wising you the best week (& weekend)! See you all on Tuesday!


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