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What to Wear on a Day Date

Aug 2, 2018

What to Wear on a Day Date

What to Wear on a Day Date

What to Wear on a Day Date

What to Wear on a Day Date

What to Wear on a Day Date

What to Wear on a Day Date

Black Scalloped Dress | Glitter Block Heels | Sunnies (similar) | Blush Bucket Bag

Summer is coming to an end. First off, how? Second off, I am relieved. It has been HOT. With the end of summer comes the anticipation for fall but before we get there, let’s chat about Day Dates before those sunny days are old news.

Day Dates are honestly one of my favorite things, ever. In San Diego, we took an entire day and just explored (see the full travel guide, here) which was essentially a Day Date for us. We rode scooters, sipped mid-day cocktails and I got sunburnt. That day, and memories from it, leave me with a happy heart. In an attempt to bring our Day Date home, we got out last Saturday around noon. We simply went to get a green smoothie (for Mack) and frozen yogurt (for me). We went to one of our favorite local spots, walked around for like ten minutes (before the heat scorched us) and then we headed back home. Although it was short and sweet, it was a welcomed break in the day. When dressing for a Day Date, whether it’s filled with plans or simply a cool treat, here are my tips to dressing for the occasion.

What to Wear on a Day Date

A Sweet (or Scalloped) Dress

A sweet and scalloped dress is ideal for a Day Date! The one above is sweet, girly and black. Although it may be hot in black, I always opt for black when I may sweat. It’s similar to wearing black athleisure clothes to workout because it conceals sweat marks. Since we are all friends here, this very candid and honest fact needed to be shared. Wear black to avoid any embarrassing signs of the heat on your date.

Statement Yet Walkable Shoes

I’ve been so surprised by the increased number of my friends that have met guys on dating apps. Mack and I were introduced the old-fashioned way, though a mutual friend, so I don’t have a clue about what it’s like to meet someone online first. But I like to think that overdressing is always appropriate. These block heels offer great walkability but they’re also so dang cute. In fact, I wore these block heels while zipping through downtown San Diego on a motorized scooter- so they are TRIED and TRUE. These are casual, yet offer that extra statement if you’re going on a first date.

A Bucket Bag For the Essentials

You can read all about the only five bags that I believe you need, here. For the purposes of a Day Date, just keep it minimal. You don’t need more than the essentials like your wallet, lipgloss, deodorant (*refer to the first point), and sunglasses. You don’t want to haul around your giant tote all day, so opt for an easy option like this blush bucket bag (on sale & under $100)!

Although our Day Dates are simple and sweet (literally with frozen yogurt), I hope you gain some outfit inspo for your next outing! I never explained why I love a good Day Date. Confession time: I like to be at home, in my pajamas and watching a movie on the weekends by 6pm (#weare90). So if we get out during the day, we don’t feel so bad if we stay in at night! Best. Feeling. Ever.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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