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How To Wear Leggings Out + About

Aug 23, 2018

How To Wear Leggings Out and About

How To Wear Leggings Out and About

How To Wear Leggings Out and About

How To Wear Leggings Out and About

How To Wear Leggings Out and About

How To Wear Leggings Out and About

Grey Sweater | Leggings | Grey Mules | Phone Crossbody (almost identical) | Tortoise Hoop Earrings | Sunglasses (similar)

Let me just start this post and say that if Sandy from Grease can essentially wear leggings out about, so can we! I mean… athleisure is here to stay. They may not be leather but they’re comfortable! That, my friend, is something we can all get behind. I am here to attest that you also don’t want to look “sloppy” while wearing leggings out and about either. Unless you’re in college, it’s no longer ok to gallivant around town in your XXL t-shirt atop leggings. Rather, with three simple tricks, you can make leggings presentable. Let’s chat about those now!

Three Tips to Wear Leggings Out + About

Cover Your Booty

This is the fine line when it comes to determining if leggings are okay in public or not. I say, if you cover your rear, you’re good to go! I personally just don’t feel comfortable wearing leggings unless my top features some length. This can be accomplished through a long or slouchy sweater. I love to be comfortable so a long, yet side-slit sweater is a good compromise. The sweater shown above is simple, neutral and offers that added length to elevate my comfy wear to out and about wear. 

Add Statement Accessories

I am not suggesting that leggings are what you wear on date night, to a formal function or even out and about with your girlfriends. I find that I opt for a look similar to the above when I have a quick errand that I don’t want to relinquish my #workfromhome wardrobe, coffee with a friend from small group or a good old Target run. In doing so, I try to make it look like I haven’t been sitting at my computer for the better part of my morning by adding these adorable tortoise hoops and a fun, yet functional, crossbody fit for my phone. It takes just as long to add these two quick elements as it does to tie the tennis shoes that suggest you simply didn’t get ready for the day.

Slip on Some Mules

To finish the outfit, and to further channel your inner Sandra D, slip on a simple pair of mules and hit the road. I feel totally fine entering a room in leggings with a little height under my heels! For me, heels immediately insert a certain confidence into an outfit anytime I am a little dressed down. They seamlessly elevate (literally ????) the whole look, just like that.

Since we ALL inevitably wear leggings in public, I thought I’d shed some light on how to combat the haters who may say, “leggings are not pants.” Well my leggings are… and I think yours can be too (with these small considerations)! Remember that your clothing is a reflection of who you are. Remain comfortable without appearing lazy. Because, girl, you are NOT lazy!

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