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Ulta Haul: Part One

Jul 19, 2018

Ulta Haul_Part One

Ulta Haul_Part One

Ulta Haul_Part One

Ulta Haul_Part One

Ulta Haul_Part One

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation | It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eye Palette | It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush (shade is Je Ne Said Quoi) | It Cosmetics Anit-Aging ArmourIt Cosmetics Bye Bye Pours Micro-Powder

We are back from San Diego and it’s safe to say that although I love a good getaway, there’s no place like home (with Rebel and Tiger)! My mom flew to Florida to stay with the dogs while we went away. To some, this may seem extreme, but she needed a vacation and I needed a dog sitter. It was a win-win for all!

Speaking of my mom, I’ve mentioned here before that she always treats me to makeup. Well, she recently had a special coupon for Ulta so I was able to do a big haul (thanks, mom)!

Let’s back up for a minute however. A few weeks ago we went to Corpus Christi and I actually felt my makeup melting off. I thought this was just an expression until I experienced it myself. I don’t know if the Corpus humidity is more dense than the Florida humidity but it was an issue. On a quest to find a solution (although I don’t experience this all the time), I wanted to try a setting powder to alleviate shine. I went to Ulta for one item and walked out with the above (#guilty).

Ulta Haul: Part One

It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation

If I am being honest, the foundation I typically use was sold out. I decided to try this one and really like it! I think this one is more focused on not settling into lines but hey, who doesn’t need that? I find that the coverage is desirable and when paired with the Anti-Aging Armour and  Bye Bye Pores Micro-Powder, I’ve been able to combat shine without issue. Now, I haven’t tested it in Corpus but it works in my everyday climate (a.k.a. the Gulf Coast).

It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eye Palette

I keep it simple when it comes to my eyes. I use my powder as a base, neutral eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. That’s it. I was intrigued by the “Naturally Pretty” suggestion of this palette. And although their marketing got me, I love this palette A LOT. My go-to shadow is Dream. I’ve ditched my separate black eyeshadow and instead line with Allure. I like the look and the liner doesn’t appear harsh. Overall, I am pleased with this palette and it’s an all-in-one for me which is always the best.

It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush

This is one of those, you don’t need it but you’ll love it if you get it. I like the nataul pink it brings out in my lips. Furthermore, my lips feel super very soft and I even apply it before bed. I upgraded from my Burt’s Bees and I am not mad about it! ????

It Cosmetics Anti-Aging Armour

When I run out of one item, I run out of them all. I finally drained my daily sunscreen so needed an alternative. This option is more of a tinted moisturizer- which I don’t mind. I apply it after I wash and moisturize my face. It’s my in-between- after I’ve cleaned my face and before I put on my makeup. It offers heavy sun protection which really is all I am worried about.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pours Micro-Powder

Okay, now for the one product that I intended to buy! I found it. I’ve never used a setting powder because I do like my face to have a healthy glow about it. When I discovered the difference between healthy glow and melting, I knew I needed backup. I use this very sparingly once all of my makeup is on. It’s the last product I apply and it keeps my face mattified (is that a word? We’re going with it).

When I first started this blog a big portion of it (or so I thought) was going to be dedicated to testing products because I love to find products that work. But, as you all know, they’re expensive (and I am on that budget life). Therefore, when I do have the opportunity to share some new items that I truly like, I get so excited to share them with each of you!

Do you have any makeup mishaps that you need to address like my melting makeup situation? Shoot me an email and I will either share what I use if I’ve had a similar mishap or I will do some research for you on what to try!

I hope you have a productive week! I am going to need about two more cups of coffee to power though this Thursday that just happens to feel very Monday.

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