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Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Jul 26, 2018

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts
Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

 Frill Seekers Gifts

There are certain everyday items that elevate how we feel! Isn’t that statement so true? We definitely don’t need things to feel happy, but every once and awhile you find that something special that just brings a hint of joy to your day. I find the most joy in two variations of things I buy which includes; (1) gifts for others and (2) items for our home. For you, it may be the perfect pair of shoes or even the best shade of lipstick. But we all have that thing.

With that in mind, and after getting that “frilly” feeling three different times after shopping with Frill Seekers Gifts, I knew I had to share about this locally owned boutique situated in the heart of Destin. Don’t worry, you will get a full sit-down with the mother-daughter duo, Heidi and Peyton LoCicero, behind this boutique soon. In the meantime, I want to share three everyday frills that I’ve personally found at Frill Seekers Gifts with you.

Three Everyday Frills with Frill Seekers Gifts

Champagne Robe

I’ve attended a few bachelorette parties and they all have one thing in common: a lingerie party. I feel like lingerie is a really personal item to each individual gal pal. It’s for that reason that I always opt for either a fun pajama set or a champagne adorned robe for the bride-to-be instead. In my experience, these sweet alternatives are a welcomed and cheeky replacement for an item that we all have our personal preference on. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs a comfortable pajama set, silk robe or both! Frill Seekers has the best options with personalization always available (and other fun bachelorette must-haves like disco ball cups, ya know the #essentials).

Personalized Monogram

Our monogram is actually the first item I ever purchased from Frill Seekers. It’s our dining room staple, one of the most recognizable home elements that I share on Instagram and the best finishing piece to complete our open-concept first floor. It’s a focal point and a personalized one at that. When I brought it home, I situated it upon our bright stack of books and that was it. I didn’t test it in a number of places trying to decide where it should live. Instead it pronounced itself as perfect the second I propped it up. Anytime we have house guests, it’s guaranteed that someone will mention the monogram. It’s my favorite because it’s simply us. It’s just wood and our initials combined. SO simple, yet so perfect. I see it when I walk in the front door and know I am home.

Tea Towels

When we purchased our home, the kitchen was one of those areas we knew needed a little love. Last year, we updated the countertops, got a farm sink and updated the fixtures. That did the trick aesthetically. But a home is more than aesthetics and it’s grounded in the kitchen. It’s the small details that complete our kitchen like the Mackenzie Childs, tea kettle which was a gift from my sister-in-law, and sweet tea towels to compliment a impromptu happy hour. It doesn’t take much, but the tiniest touch like a little “rosé all day,” can make a world of difference in making a house your home

What is it that makes you feel frilly? I hope if you’re in need of a girly gift, home décor or just a joy-filled shopping experience, you’ll pop by to see Heidi and Peyton. Their southern hospitality literally pours from every square inch of their boutique, and you’ll feel right at home with them. More to come on that soon however- I can’t wait to share more about them with YOU!

Have a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by today!

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