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48 Hours in San Diego

Jul 24, 2018

As most of you already know, Mack and I went to San Diego to celebrate our best friend’s wedding! Since we were traveling literally across the country, we went two days early to take a mini-vacay. Let me tell you, it was worth it! We had the best time exploring the city together, the weather was perfect and we indulged in allll the food and drink options. Clearly, I was fond of that aspect as this cookie ice cream sandwich was the photo I selected to represent this entire post. ????

We really had no idea what to do or see but a quick Google search resolved that. We looked at this New York Times article and hit the road! We didn’t follow it to a T however, so I wanted to create a mini-guide for you because I believe we did it RIGHT.

48 Hours in San Diego | Day One

Rose Garden at Balboa Park

Our first stop was to Balboa Park! It’s an extensive park that houses museums, the zoo and more. Although we didn’t have time to enjoy any of the exhibits or take advantage of the zoo, we did walk around and it’s beautiful. We stumbled upon the Rose Garden and it’s so pretty. Basically, it was my Instagram dream. Although I don’t know if you can have a wedding there- that’s where you should get married. One of my favorite things to do when visiting a city is to just wander. Walking up to this Rose Garden reminded me why it’s important to travel.

Lime Scooters to Little Italy

Next, we hopped on two Lime Scooters and covered so. much. ground. These are the BEST kept secret (although I am sure they aren’t a secret at all but they were new to us)! We had so much fun riding these scoot scoots all the way from Balboa Park to Little Italy. Luckily, Mack is a very good navigator because I am telling you, I wouldn’t have made it there on my own. Hands down, these scooters were a highlight of our trip. We were cracking up on these the entire time! I can’t describe how much fun we had on these scooters- but I think you get it.

Once we arrived in Little Italy, we ditched our scooters because the sidewalks were crowded. We stopped for lunch (and some bubbles for me) at Queenstown Public House. We sat outside, the weather was perfect and the food was delish! There are so many restaurants in this area- I am sure you can’t go wrong.

Watch Sunset at the Sunset Cliffs

On the first day, we had to take a break and head up to Rancho Valencia for the rehearsal as I was a bridesmaid in the wedding. If you have some extra moo-lah in your budget… Rancho Valencia is honestly one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever been. If you can, stay there and ENJOY IT. As a bridesmaid, I got a little taste of what it would be like to stay there and let’s just say, I wanted to stay forever.

Once the rehearsal concluded, Mack and I zipped over to the Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach. We were so lucky and found a parking spot. If you go, be sure to arrive early to snag one. This was a really quiet moment of our trip that I was very thankful for. As I sat on the cliff with Mack by my side, watching a West Coast sunset, my heart could have just about burst. I couldn’t help by say a prayer of thanksgiving as we took it all in. I didn’t know what else to do- I was in awe.

Dinner in Ocean Beach

We took to Ocean Beach for dinner which is situated near the Sunset Cliffs. We picked Ulivo, a small Italian restaurant, and you know I got a pizza. We sat on the patio (that California weather though), and just talked until dark. Also, they served our Pinot Noir cold- which I kinda loved. I may start doing it at home! After we finished dinner we walked in Ocean Beach which reminded me of Boulder, CO.

Overall, our first day was my FAVORITE. We just ventured from 9am until 9pm, with no real plans and it was just so fun!

48 Hours in San Diego | Day Two

Kayak in Mission Bay

We have the beach where we live in Florida- but we did want to do a water sport! Kayaking was the best option as it was something I’ve never done. Naturally, Mack paddled away from me and then asked, “what’s taking you so long.” Umm your girl’s arms were jello but it was great. ???? Mission Bay is filled with yachts, boats and seals, yes seals! We rode by some sleeping on a bouy and they we’re adorable. We got pretty close to them before I asked Mack, “are seals nice?” Since we weren’t sure, we left them be. But how cool! We spent over an hour on the water and really enjoyed some exercise- a welcomed break from our journey to eat through San Diego.

Lime Scooter along Board Walk in Pacific Beach

You know we couldn’t resist getting back on the Lime Scooters. Why stop a good thing? We took to the Board Walk at Pacific Beach and enjoyed people watching along with a rooftop lunch at The Local Pacific Beach. We ate every meal outside which has to be one of the most refreshing things ever.

Stop for Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at the Baked Bear

Okay, this brings me to my funfetti cookie ice cream sandwich from The Baked Bear. This was hands down the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. I’ve asked Mack like ten times if we can open a location in Florida. I am serious about this! ???? I shared this photo on Instagram and asked, “Do the calories count if I ate this while walking?” and 100% of people who voted said, “No!” Bottom line, you all get me. Secondly, I learned these are not only in California. One of my friends in Arizona said they have The Baked Bear there as well. Don’t worry fellow Floridians, I will find a way. I NEED this in my life, always.

With the conclusion of my cookie ice cream sandwich, we transitioned from vacation-mode into wedding-mode. The wedding was ????????! However, for your traveling purposes, one additional thing we wish we had time to do was hike Torrey Pines. But I didn’t bring tennis shoes, so if you want to do that, pack accordingly.

There you have it! We were on the move during our free time in San Diego and it was great. We don’t travel all that often so when we do- we want to see it all, do it all and eat it all. We were very happy with all that we saw, did and ate!

Have you been to San Diego? What did you do during your visit? Most importantly, did you ride an electric scooter haha?

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