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Three Ideas for Girls’ Night In with Simple Life Winery

Jun 28, 2018

Three Ideas for Girls' Night In with Simple Life Winery

Three Ideas for Girls' Night In with Simple Life Winery

Three Ideas for Girls' Night with Simple Life Winery

Three Ideas for Girls' Night In with Simple Life Winery

Simple Life Winery Rosé

If you had asked me in college what my favorite thing to do when I was in my late-twenties would be, my answer would have probably been wrong. If you watched my Insta-story yesterday then you know that I am happiest when I am home. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about a fun girls’ night out! But with the surge of visitors to our area this time of year, getting into a restaurant is like elbowing your way into the Royal Wedding (okay, probably not that bad but you get the point). So for that reason, I am sharing three ways to enjoy girls’ night IN with Simple Life Winery. Every good girls’ night starts and ends with rosé, so let’s break it down.

Three Ideas for Girls’ Night In

Host a Barbecue

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Can you believe it? How is 2018 already half way over? I don’t understand. Regardless, there’s something nostalgic about having a good old fashioned barbecue. Luckily, as long as you have an outdoor space and a grill, you’re set. And you definitely don’t need a fancy grill. Mack and I have a table top one that works just fine!

Head to the store and grab your array of barbecue fixings (fruit salad, turkey burgers and a cookie cake are my essentials) and invite your girlfriends over for a causal gathering under the stars! Rosé is best sipped in the Florida humidity anyways! So refreshing.

Host a Watch Party

Okay, in recent seasons, I’ve developed somewhat of an aversion to The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. It pains me to watch and it’s simply a waste of two hours of my life. But turn on Southern Charm (only the original in Charleston), Real Housewives of Orange County or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and I am hooked.

Do you and your girlfriends love the same television shows? Me and one of my best friends always text each other throughout each Real Housewives episode- if it’s on, I know she’s watching. Ditch the digital communication and host a fun watch party. Pop some popcorn, pull out the pillows and blankets and invite everyone to settle in for a group binge watch.

Host a Pajama Party

Finally, and mostly because I am a huge fan of being comfortable, my third idea for girls’ night in is to host a pajama-themed party. Serve breakfast for dinner, tell everyone to wear their cutest pair of jammies and fill up those glasses. If serving pancakes and rosé together is wrong, I don’t want to be right. ????

I can think of nothing better than transporting back to my sorority house with my best friends, in our pajamas, all laughing about nothing. Emulate this feeling and transform your home into what your sweetest dreams are made of!

I hope I am not a lone wolf on the #iwouldratherstayin notion. I have a sneaking suspicion that you all get it, because you get ME. My wish is that these three ideas inspire you to enjoy some much-needed girl time this summer!

Happy Thursday (and almost weekend… yay)! Thanks for stopping by today.

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