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Two New It Cosmetics Products to Try: Superhero Mascara and No. 50 Serum

May 22, 2018

Two New It Cosmetics Products to Try

Two New It Cosmetics Products to Try

Two New It Cosmetics Products to Try

Two New It Cosmetics Products to Try

It Cosmetics No. 50 Serum | It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Oh my gosh you guys… it has been a month. May has been an eventful one- in both good and bad ways- but I am back home now and settling back into my routine. All that to say, I am sorry that I disappeared for the past few weeks. Between getting a gum graft, losing my Grandmother and traveling, let’s just say I needed a MINUTE. However, I am trying to get back on track so here goes!

While I was home in Colorado, my Mom and I made an Ulta run. One thing that my Mom and I can always relate on, besides Rebel and Tiger, is consignment shopping and new beauty products. I have a deep rooted love for trying new products, testing different makeup options and more. However, my #budgetlife doesn’t allow for too much wiggle room beyond what I know I need when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. But, she spoiled me (#blessed). And now, these two products are going to fall into the necessity category in our budget.

I am an avid It Cosmetics user (refer to this post detailing a few other products I love). As I browsed the aisle, although I wanted to add everything into my basket, I opted for two items I felt like I really needed. That just happened to be mascara and this serum.

What I love about the It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

Let’s chat about the mascara first. I’ve now tried two different It Cosmetics mascaras and I like them both. I previously used the Hello Lashes and found it was great for length. I am a little bit more focused on achieving thick volume for my lashes. So, rather than get the Hello Lashes again, I opted for the Superhero mascara and this is it! I achieve the desired lash volume with this product. I’ll be using this moving forward but if you’re a length girl- try the Hello Lashes.

What I love about the It Cosmetics No. 50 Serum

Now for the serum. I have been neglecting my skincare. Living in Florida allows me to self-medicate my skin with some salt water and sand. Surprisingly, that usually does the trick. I mean… natural remedies at their finest haha. But couple an extended stay in Denver (which might as well be the desert to me) weaved in with multiple other occasions of travel and my skin felt terrible. I knew I needed to take some serious measures- when I saw “Anti-aging Armor” on the bottle I was sold. ???? I started to use this serum in conjunction with two masks (which I will talk about next week) and I can truly see a difference. More importantly, I can feel a difference. My skin isn’t as tight, my moisturizer is being better absorbed and I even wake up feeling like my skin is quenched. This was a huge WIN in Denver when I felt like a human crocodile. Now that I am back in Florida, my skin is looking more translucent as I continue to work this serum into my routine. I wash my face with this drugstore cleanser, pat my face dry, and follow with the No. 50 serum in both the morning and evening.

I always love when new product buys achieve what you want them to. Best feeling ever. If you’re looking for two new products to try- these are my picks!

Thank you so much for reading today! Have a great Tuesday (the holiday weekend is already so close).

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