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Three Mario Badescu Products to Try

May 29, 2018

Three Mario Badescu Products to Try

Mario Badescu Facial Spray | Mario Badescu Rose Hips Mask | Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

The first time Mack saw me wearing a sheet mask… he was ACTUALLY scared. Look, I get it. Sheet masks are scary but in an attempt to improve the appearance and texture of my skin, I will try anything. It only took one time of me wearing a sheet mask that I decided never again. I even think Rebel and Tiger were confused. So, I went “old school” and bought some actual face masks to try. Let’s just say, these are much better and I love putting them on after a shower with my hair twisted up in a towel. I throw myself “spa nights” and it’s quickly becoming something I look forward to in the evening.

In scouring the aisles of Ulta recently, I came across the Mario Badescu section. These products remind me of college because my roommate used to use this line religiously. The simple packaging and price point are what drew me back to them. If you’re on a budget (my tips to budgeting, here), I recommend these products as they don’t break the bank.

Mario Badescu Masks to Try

The two masks I am currently working into my routine are the Whitening Mask and Rose Hips Mask. I was intrigued by the Whitening Mask because it aims to address dehydration and discoloration. Both of which I struggle with. I’ve been using this mask for just about a month now, twice weekly and I really like it. I can see slight improvements and hope that as I continue to use it, my skin will only continue to improve.

As I purchased the Whitening Mask, I received the Rose Hips Mask as a gift with purchase. It smells so good! This mask addresses fine lines and wrinkles while brightening skin… sign. me. up. I need to use this mask more consistently before I can say if I agree or not. But regardless it feels luxurious as I apply it and smells amazing so I will continue to rotate it into my routine.

Do you have a favorite face mask?

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

During my time in Denver, I noticed my mom using this facial spray. Naturally, I stole it from her (like I do most things) but decided to get my own before returning home. I spray it on after I wash my face, during the day over my makeup and anytime I feel like I need a quick refresh! It helps keep my skin hydrated and revived. I can’t wait to throw this spray into my beach bag to use all summer long. I know this will be just the thing I need when the saltwater leaves my skin feeling dry.

Have you tried this facial spray? It’s literally under $10.00 and so worth it.

I hope you had a great long weekend. I hunkered down for Alberto and actually cancelled my Austin trip. It was very sad but I am looking forward to this week regardless. Wishing you a great week ahead!

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