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Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

May 24, 2018

Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

Bachelorette Little Black Dress Under $30

Bachelorette Little Back Dress (under $30!)

[Sunglasses, Clutch, Shoes & Earrings are all from consignment stores around Denver (I may do an entire post about where the find the best stuff!)]

I am heading to Austin tomorrow for my best friend’s bachelorette party! She truly is the reason I even know Mack. Obviosuly, I can’t wait to celebrate her with my favorite people from college in Texas this holiday weekend.

Before I go however, I wanted to share this adorable, bachelorette party approved, little black dress. It’s under $30, but looks like $100. The quality does not match the price point- the fabric is thick, the ruffle sleeves aren’t flimsy and the mesh detailing doesn’t look cheap (if you know what I am saying). I bought this dress thinking there would be a night that we all wear black, while the bride shines in white. But, there aren’t any dress code requirements for the weekend so we’ll see if this number still makes the cut. Regardless, it’s the perfect pick for your weekend away with the girls.

Okay, now onto my accessories. I swear my mom and I should be professional consignment shoppers. Even when I started this blog, I seriously considered focusing only on consignment. But I learned rather quickly that Denver is the consignment gold mine. It’s the only place I ever find praise-worthy items- like these Chanel sunglasses, Gucci heels and my Rachel Zoe marble clutch. You know how they say fake it until you make it? Well I’ll just consign until I make it haha. I am sorry I can’t link to similar items for these pieces. They are all so unique, I didn’t think I’d do them (or you) any justice by providing links.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend! I am ready for some good laughs and good champs this weekend in Austin! Do you have any long weekend plans?

Thanks for stopping by today!

*Edit: I didn’t get to go to Austin due to predicted hurricane weather in the Gulf Coast where we live. So upsetting!

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  1. Very nice and elegant little black dress and it’s perfect with those mules!

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