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Warm Weather Refresh at Home

Apr 12, 2018

Warm Weather Refresh at Home

Warm Weather Refresh at Home

Warm Weather Refresh at Home

The idea of spring cleaning is great. The actual implementation of spring cleaning is another story! Over the past several weeks, I’ve chipped away at little to do’s on my list and it feels so good. More than just general cleaning, I took a deep dive into every nook and cranny of our home to really refresh the space for warm weather. Mack told me it was like I was getting ready to sell the house. NOT the case (actually I don’t think we’ll ever sell this place)! But I like the idea of having our house in its best possible shape, always. Here’s how I refreshed our space:

  • Patio Refresh: I watch enough HGTV to understand curb appeal. Well, ours was seriously lacking! We have an entryway that’s gated (sounds way more glam than it actually is, trust me) and something about it has always been off to me. We had one random bush, pine straw everywhere and quite frankly, I wasn’t sure what kind of critters also called our entryway home. Oh, and we use it to park our cruiser bikes. If you’re getting a visual, it’s probably pretty accurate haha. After three hours to raking, relaying a thin layer of pine straw, hosing off the concrete and walls, adding two striped outdoor pillows to the chairs, a new welcome mat and a wreath on our door- voila! It looks so. much. better. I am here to say that it was worth the serious back pain I felt for the next week! ???? Manual labor is hard.
  • Organization Refresh: Our guest bedroom closet is the junk drawer of this house. I couldn’t take it anymore (and neither could Mack)! We pulled everything out one weekend, sorted, reorganized and amazingly got everything off the floor. I now know that a clean floor in the closet is what truly makes the difference! The best part? Our guests now have actual room to hang their clothing when they visit. Aside from the guest bedroom closet, I also organized our kitchen, bathroom closet and the tv console drawers (which actually act as my office drawers since I don’t have any storage). It took time but was so beneficial. I know where every single thing is sans clutter! And to be totally honest, I didn’t spend one dollar on organization items of any kind. I truly just used what I had and decluttered. Give it a try!
  • Overall Refresh: If you can believe it, I went as far as filling the nail holes in our walls and repainted the spots. Am I crazy? Probably. But with those teeny tiny holes filled, the walls look totally updated. Do you have anything that could use a fresh coat of paint? Go for it! Are the rugs by your front and back door old and overrun? Replace them! Finally, I am convinced that the quickest and cheapest way to spruce up an interior space is by adding fresh flowers. All of these tiny details achieve the overall refreshed look we all desire in our homes each spring!

If you’re a homebody like me, finding the time to complete this refresh list for your home won’t be too hard. If you love to be out and about however, set aside designated time each weekend to whittle away at your honey do list. It’ll be worth it, I promise. I feel so much better knowing that the clutter has disappeared!

How do you tackle spring cleaning? I hope these tips help you as you refresh your home for warm weather!

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