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Let’s Get Local: Jamie Kamber

Apr 17, 2018

Let's Get Local: Jamie Kamber

Let's Get Local: Jamie Kamber

Homemade Cronuts

Let's Get Local: Jamie Kamber

Let's Get Local: Jamie Kamber

Let's Get Local: Jamie Kamber

Cold Brew Salted Caramel Affogato

Let's Get Local: Jamie Kamber

5-Layer Ice Cream Cake

Do you fan-girl over people on Instagram from time to time (or in my case, all the time)? Well I do just that over Jamie Kamber of, a destination for affordable fashion, baking and travel inspiration. Luckily for me, I met her at a local blogger dinner a few months ago and I am here to report that she’s the person you WANT to fan-girl over. She’s extremely genuine and passionate about the content she curates and shares with her over 7,000 Instagram followers turned community of readers! As a fellow local blogger, I wanted to share her blog with each of you because we are both obsessed with the color blush, have an undeniable sweet tooth and can’t get enough of our fur babies! Also, she’s the founder of her own social media company, Taste Social Media, focused on elevating the social media presence of Emerald Coast restaurants. Talk about someone who just thrives, that’s Jamie. I’ve learned so much from her already and know you all will too! Receive insider tips on taking blog-worthy (and company-starting) imagery, her insights on how to tackle brand collaborations and the grit behind her day to day below!

CG: What inspired you to start

JK: I started my blog, which was formerly called Treats and Trends after I graduated from college and was looking for my first “career” job in the communications field. My dream was to write for a magazine, but I also loved graphic design, photography, social media, fashion, baking, etc. Blogging encompassed all of these interests so I started it as a fun creative outlet. Back then it was a lifestyle blog that covered everything from DIY projects and home decor to horribly photographed recipes. Over the last six years I’ve narrowed the focus down to desserts, affordable fashion and travel.

CG: What does a day in the life of running your blog look like?

JK: I start every morning by catching up on emails and social media, but after that every day is different. Sometimes I’m more focused on content creation (taking/editing photos, writing posts, planning posts, scheduling social media, etc.) while other days I might focus on the business side of it (pitching brands, analyzing stats, marketing, etc.). There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into blogging—it’s not just smiling in front of a camera. Taking outfit photos is actually my least favorite part! I’d rather be behind the camera or my computer.

CG: Where do you draw daily inspiration from?

JK: Everywhere! A lot of my inspiration comes from other bloggers, Pinterest and media outlets. It’s hard not to be influenced by what we see others sharing on social media. For example, I might see a food blogger using chocolate ganache in a recipe and that will inspire me to create an entirely different recipe with that ingredient. I’m also influenced by the seasons and holidays. A lot of my recipe posts start by finding a cute set of cupcake liners or a festive cake topper and I build on the recipe idea from there.

CG: What are three photography tips you’d like to offer to other creatives? Your photos are always so crisp and bright!

JK: Aw thank you! It’s been a long learning process, my photos from 5 years ago are horrible! First of all, lighting is key! I only use natural light and try to shoot during “golden hour” right before the sun sets when the lighting is nice and soft. Shooting in direct sunlight mid-day can create shadows that are too harsh. A quality camera and knowing how to use it is also a must. I love my 50mm f/1.4 lens, but without having some photography skills and understanding the settings on my DSLR camera it would be useless. Editing is also an important part of photography. Adjusting the shadows, contrast, exposure, white balance, etc. makes such a difference!

CG: Describe your personal style in 10 words or less.

JK: Feminine, classic and neutral with some trends mixed in.

CG: What’s one key piece of advice you’d offer a blogger seeking brand collaborations? You’ve worked with so many great brands! {See a few brands of Jamie’s fav brand collabs here: Dreyer’s, Old NavyTopshop, and Duncan Hines and Target.}

JK: Don’t get discouraged when you hear “no.” It takes so many pitches to land a brand deal. Most of the brands I email don’t even respond, but eventually you’ll find the right partnerships!

CG: How did running play a role in the conception of your social media company, Taste Social Media?

JK: The blog gave me my first taste of entrepreneurship and I loved it! I like being in control and knowing that the hard work I put into it directly impacts me and my business. When I found out my husband and I were moving to Destin I looked at job listings online, but didn’t find anything that excited me. At the same time I was also researching our new home and trying to find where we should eat, shop, explore, etc. I noticed that there were a ton of restaurants in Destin that I’m sure were delicious, but their photos didn’t do it justice. I decided to take what I had learned from the blog about social media, food photography and marketing to help other businesses in the area.

CG: What’s the best part of providing social media management services to Emerald Coast restaurants?

JK: Trying the food! Just kidding, that is a fun perk, but overall I love being able to get involved in the community and help local businesses improve their online presence. Social media is a numbers game just like any other industry, so I like compiling the stats and showing clients how much I’ve helped them increase their reach and following.

CG: Words of advice for other bloggers, local creatives, aspiring entrepreneurs and beyond?

JK: Find what you’re passionate about and work really really hard. Eventually you’ll be able to work “smarter, not harder,” but in the beginning it takes a lot of time and effort to get your business off the ground. You need to genuinely love what you’re doing! 

CG: What’s your go-to coffee order?

JK: It varies! I don’t drink coffee very often but I love hazelnut lattes.

As you can see, Jamie is a girl’s girl that you want to brunch with every weekend! I am so thankful that our blogs brought us together. When I first launched my blog, I never thought it would also bring me a community of friends. I am amazed and humbled that it has the ability to bring me to people like Jamie! Follow along with all of Jamie’s sweet treats and feminine trends at or via Instagram (her feed is seriously #goals)!

Thank you so much for reading today!

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