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How to Plan a Productive Week

Jan 22, 2018

How to Plan for a Productive Week

How to Plan for a Productive Week

How to Plan for a Productive Week

How to Plan for a Productive Week

How to Plan for a Productive Week

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a relaxing and fulfilling weekend. We spent so much time walking the beach with the dogs on both Saturday and Sunday and it was my dream (plus the weather was perfect)!

However after a relaxed weekend comes the Monday blues- but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Although Mondays are challenging (I am not going to proclaim they’re my favorite day by any means) they’re a necessary evil to kickstart the work week. With that in mind, I want to share three ways that I take advantage of Mondays to make way for a productive week. By implementing these simple actions, I find myself feeling more organized and ready to tackle my to do lists with a clear list of objectives at hand. Take a sip of your coffee and let’s talk Mondays:

  1. Handwrite Appointments- Every single Monday I sit down with my planner and look at the week. I hand write all commitments, deadlines and reminders to make sure I can plan ahead and have no conflicts. Once that’s complete, I analyze my schedule to fit in the fun stuff which includes; workout classes, lunch appointments and blog specific meetings. By determining a clear plan for the week, you’ll be able to see everything you have on your plate, in one place. Pick up a good planner and new pens (my favorite thing ever) and set out to lay out your time this week.
  2. Use Reminder App- I recently discovered the Reminder App in my phone and I use it almost everyday now. I love that I can set a time and urgency for the reminder and that it won’t disappear from my home screen until I check, “complete.” I am the type of person that can’t stand a notification on my home screen for long which forces me to complete the task and move on. I use it for little reminders such as “write thank you note to Mom,” or “call Delta regarding flight.” Start using this reminder app and you’ll find yourself forgetting less of the little to-dos that don’t make it into your planner.
  3. Carve Out Quiet Time- I struggle with anxiety and overthink everything. I become easily overwhelmed and even experienced panic attacks in college. Although most of these emotions are sparked from irrational thinking, the one thing I’ve found to help combat this is carving out quiet time each weekday morning. During this time, I open my bible and the First 5 app to root my day in truth. I can personally feel a difference in my day when I have or haven’t completed my bible study. Find time in your day to quiet your mind, say a prayer and focus on all that’s good around you.

Equipped with these three tips, I hope you feel ready to take on the day and new week at hand! In everything I share, I want to offer encouragement that helps you through the day. If you’re going to only try one of the three tips above, I hope you’ll choose the third option. I actually complete my quiet time before I do anything else that day because I’ve grown to love this time so much. I have a feeling you will too!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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