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Christmas Decor at Home

Nov 13, 2017

Christmas Decor at Home

Christmas Decor at Home

Christmas Decor at Home

Christmas Decor at Home

Christmas Decor at Home

Christmas Tree | Angel Tree TopperString Lights | Ornaments (similar) | “G” Ornament | Ribbon (herehere and here) | Gift Boxes | Tree Skirt

I decided to put our Christmas tree up last weekend and I am glad I did as it brings so much cheer to our living room! Since we are spending Thanksgiving in Dallas and Christmas in Denver that didn’t leave much time to enjoy the holiday season in our home. Therefore, I did a Target run and while the employees were setting up all of the holiday decor, I weaved my cart through the aisles for the essentials. I got off work a few hours early and was able to transform our home and ready it for the Christmas season in a matter of hours. I was trying to surprise Mack but accidentally ratted myself out on my own insta-story (insert eye roll here)!

Growing up and still to this day, our family tree is filled with color lights, gold tinsel and ornaments that mark life moments, hobbies and more! It’s so crazy because each year that I see those ornaments I can remember placing them on the tree throughout my childhood. I am excited to start collecting memorable ornaments that someday our family will cherish. As of right now, Mack and I have three that were wedding gifts and I already love them so! To fill up the tree in the meantime we opted for a preselected box of metallic options like this one here. Anyways, here are my tips for decorating your home for the holiday season:

  • Determine an overall look: Before you head out to shop, it’s important to determine an overall look or even color scheme for your tree. This year, I opted for all neutral/metallic with a touch of blush ribbon. Spoiler alert: I added blush into our Christmas card but did ask Mack if he cared that our Christmas card had some pink in it…. he didn’t mind! Overall our tree is really cohesive with the rest of our home decor and that’s just how I like it! Once you determine a “look” you’ll know what color accessories (ornaments, ribbon, etc.) to purchase for your home.
  • Shop for the basics: Despite what the aisles of Target and HomeGoods may suggest, you really only need a few components to decorate for Christmas. If you have a budget to consider, it can be easy to get carried away but we always just stick with a tree and four mini-stockings for the Christmas season. Honestly, we don’t have anywhere to store much more but it’s perfect for us. The basics include: a tree (we opt for artificial which can be used year after year), string lights, ornaments, a tree topper and ribbon and/or tinsel. This is the first year that we have a real tree skirt so I won’t mark that as essential because I used to get creative with the ribbon to cover the tree stand. Although we don’t have a mantle to hang stockings, I still hang a mini version for all of us on our dining room sideboard. These items seamlessly transform our home to welcome the season’s greetings!
  • Add special touches: As previously mentioned, we have a few personalized ornaments on our tree that are my favorite. I also bought a hand-painted nativity set to include as an ornament on our tree because it’s so important to our family! Some additional suggestions for special touches could be a monogramed ornament or hand me-downs (the gold spirals on the top of our tree are a hand-me-down from my Mother-in-Law from the first year we decided to decorate a tree). These tiny touches will make your tree yours!

As the holiday season approaches, decorating, giving gifts and gathering with family is the best feeling. I can’t highlight these aspects without highlighting the importance of WHY we celebrate this season… our Savior was born! You don’t have to be perfect to know him (in fact, none of us are) and his mercy is unending. For that I am thankful every single day.

Thank you so much for reading today. I hope you have a great Monday!

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