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Three Steps to Organize Your Closet

Sep 6, 2017

3 Steps to Organize Your Closet

3 Steps to Organize Your Closet

3 Steps to Organize Your Closet

3 Steps to Organize Your Closet

3 Steps to Organize Your Closet

Acrylic Storage Bins | Felt Hangers | Three Tier Shoe Rack (similar)

I swear that organization changes everything! Whether it be at work or at home, being organized is an asset as it saves time and energy. This past long weekend I went a little crazy and organized our entire house! It’s so funny that after a year of living here, I finally feel moved in! I did a huge overhaul of my closet and with just a few storage items the entire space was transformed. Although my closet is tiny, I have plenty of space as everything has a place! Here are my three steps to organize your closet:

  1. Uniform Hangers– When hanging clothes ensure you use the same style/color hangers for each item. I personally prefer the felt hangers in black as my items don’t slip. Furthermore, as much as I would love to use the blush pink felt hangers, I know they’d be impossible to match if I ever needed more. The uniformity of using the same hangers creates a seamless aesthetic when looking at all of your clothing items!
  2. Acrylic Storage Bins- These are a game changer! I used to have my clutches and scarves just stacked on that top shelf which inevitably lead to them tumbling down on my all the time. With that in mind, I picked up these acrylic storage bins and this subtle change makes a HUGE difference. Not only can I see the items, they won’t fall on me when I go to select one. Furthermore, I can take the entire bin down if I want to pick and choose and then put it back in it’s place once finished.  I have two of these (one for clutches and one for scarves) but I would recommend surveying your closet to determine how many you’ll need by category!
  3. Shoe Organizer- Shoe organization is my downfall. I used to keep them all in their boxes but with limited space the struggle was real. The bottom of my closet used to be a maze of mis-matched shoes but now order has been restored. I ditched the shoe boxes and opted for this three tier shoe organizer instead. Luckily, it fit perfectly allowing some room on the side to line my tall boots up! I found this shoe organizer at HomeGoods but linked a similar option below.

With limited space, optimization is key for me! My closet is finally in full working order and I am so glad. Anytime I walked by it this weekend, I would pop it open just to glance at how pretty it looks now. Am I the only person who does this after they organize a space? Embarrassing if so! But if you do this too, you get me haha.

How do you keep your closet tidy? I am still trying to figure out the best way to store my jeans to avoid wrinkles. If anyone has suggestions, let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by today!

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