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Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

Aug 28, 2017

Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

Dresser Update in 30 Minutes or Less

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Before I start talking about a home project, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Me and my sorority sisters, most all of which live in Texas, have a group text and the photos they shared throughout the weekend are heartbreaking. Here’s to hoping that this storm passes very soon.

We all want our home to look like something out of Southern Living but likely don’t have the bank roll to purchase everything that covers those beautiful and perfect magazine spreads. I read a quote recently that stated, “Start with that you have not with what you want.” This quote, although in it’s original context has absolutely  nothing to do with home decor, applies to this little dresser of ours. When Mack and I purchased our home, it came fully furnished. If I am being totally honest, majority of it went to the furniture consignment store as it was a vacation rental before we purchased it. However, a few select pieces held their ground and one of those items was this dresser. You can see our full bedroom here, but as you can see there’s little room for variation when it comes to storage. This dresser fits perfectly and we didn’t want to hassle with finding another to fill it’s spot. Although plain, it created a perfect “canvas” when it came time for an update!

I was able to update the knobs on this dresser in under 3o minutes and it looks like new! Before this subtle update (sorry, I should’ve taken photos), the knobs were just standard and white. I spent more time in Anthropologie deciding on which knobs to select than the total process took to switch them out. I opted for a marbled-like pink/mercury option for the top drawer complimented by crystal knobs on the remainder of the drawers. This piece that once didn’t work with the rest of our bedroom decor now belongs!

If you’re looking for a simple project to change the entire look of a piece, this project is for you! The best way to spend a Sunday afternoon if you ask me… plus it’s so fun to select to the knobs!

I hope everyone has a great week! Thank you so much for reading today.

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