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Lipstick Lineup

Jul 31, 2017

Lipstick Line Up

Lipstick Lineup

Lipstick Lineup

Lipstick Lineup

First Photo (left to right)


Makeup Forever M402 | MAC Cremesheen Hot Gossip | MAC Cremesheen Fan Fare |

MAC Cremesheen Creme Cup


Makeup Forever 8C (Red) | Makeup Forever 10C (Mauve) | Makeup Forever 15C (Pink)

I realized in light of #NationalLipstickDay that I haven’t shared my favorite lip finds here so thought I would do so! For the longest time I was on the hunt for a lip combination that would last and not make my lips feel extremely dry. I began using the Makeup Forever foundation and powder awhile back and picked up one of their Aqua Lip lipliners on a whim when replenishing my regime. Game. Changer. These liners, when applied over a thin layer of my powder (when I apply my powder I just let the brush hit my lips in doing so), stay on like no tomorrow. I line my lips and fill them in with the pencil alone. For a matte look I will only wear the liner.

When I am seeking something more dramatic or with a little sheen, I mix and match the liners and lipsticks as I see fit. Most often, I will use the 15C (pink) liner with any of the lipsticks shown above. I was never into science class as a student but give me some lip colors to experiment with and I am set for an afternoon haha. I will even use the 8C (red) under one of the MAC lipsticks and love the rich pink it produces. If you all want me to do a more specific post on the combinations that I use most, I can do that. I feel like lipstick selections are so personal however. For years I would buy a color because I thought it looked amazing on someone else and the color simply didn’t work for me. So instead, for now at least, I just wanted to make you all aware of the products that I couldn’t live without. If you’ve never tried the Aqua Lip lipliners, that would be my first suggestion if you’re looking for a non-drying, multi-use liner. From there, you can match with existing lip shades that you like. Creating your signature color is half the fun!

In addition to a good selection of lipliners, every woman needs a good red lipstick! I have fairly thin lips and used to think I couldn’t pull it off. But when paired with just mascara and my bronzer, I find it balances the no makeup look and I’ll do that for nights out with Mack when I don’t really want to get ready (hello, weekend).

Do you have a favorite combination for your lips? Let me know in the comments! In case you missed it, here are all of my makeup favorites.

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