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How to Effectively Use Social Media

Jun 28, 2017

How to Effectively Use Social Media

How to Effectively Use Social Media

How to Effectively Use Social Media

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I believe that although most people understand how to use social media from a functionality stand point, some are seriously missing the mark on how to use it effectively. Just the other day I heard a story about recent high school graduates that got their college admission taken away because of, you guessed it, inappropriate social media posts. Rather than tell this generation (or is it my generation haha I don’t even know) and beyond what not to do on their social media accounts, I think we could shift the focus and strive to use these powerful tools in an effective manner. Literally, at the touch of a button someone gets a glimpse into your personal life. What do you want them to see? With that in mind, here’s how I think we can more effectively use social media:

  • Use It as a Resume: We all know that employers, colleagues and family members check our profiles. With this in mind, be always aware that everyone has the potential to see what you post. If you wouldn’t want your Grandmother to see it, don’t post it! Simple as that.
  • Help the Community: It’s important to find a way to share what you’re passionate about in a manner that potentially helps others. That is why I strive to highlight at least one locally owned brand, store or company a month in my Let’s Get Local series. I LOVE to give those business owners the chance to share their story in a new outlet. I recently heard, “If you help enough people reach their dreams, someone will be there to help you reach yours.” Try to live by this and exercise that through your interactions and posts on social media. If you love a store, non-profit or local story, share it from your outlets to shed positivity in your online realm. (Side note, I am highlighting Snapdragon soon and you will be obsessed with her line! Stay tuned!)
  • Keep it in Perspective: Recent studies suggest that in a world inundated with social media, we are the least social we’ve ever been How weird, right? There are issues with comparison, depression and the idea that social media simply highlights the best parts of a person’s life deeming it as detrimental to an onlooker’s happiness. I fall victim to this all the time… when I see a perfectly white kitchen, when someone has more followers that I do and when a brand I would only dream about partnering with seems impossible. BUT I read a Selena Gomez quote that said something along the lines of, “I keep my my identity rooted in my friendships and my faith,” and I use that a simple reminder of what matters. Access to people we can relate it is easier than ever! But it’s important to remember that social media isn’t something that defines you. Rather be authentic on your outlets and your #tribe will gather. Also, there is a very fine line when it comes to oversharing, but with the previous two bullet points in mind, hopefully that will help you determine what you should/shouldn’t share.

These are the golden rules to social media that I live by. I am not saying they’re the only way but they work for me so I wanted to share! I remind myself daily that social media is fleeting and something else will replace it sooner or later. I don’t take it too seriously but I do like to be watchful of my content since it seems it will live in “the cloud” forever haha!

I hope you found these tips to be helpful. Thank you so much for reading today!

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