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How to Create a Desk Nook

Jun 7, 2017

How to Create a Desk Nook

How to Create a Desk Nook

How to Create a Desk Nook


How to Create a Desk Nook

How to Create a Desk Nook

How to Create a Desk Nook

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When we purchased our home, we downsized from what we had previously rented. We love it so much as it’s just enough space! At just about 1,300 square feet we are maxed out with just two bedrooms. With the absence of a designated office space, we had to get creative about how to situate a desk area in accordance with an open floor plan. Luckily, this little corner of our living room, previously occupied by additional seating, had the potential. Referred to as the “desk nook” this area is bright yet secluded and out of the way (well, as out of the way as it could be haha). Also, I really enjoy working here because Mack can work on the couch and we’re still in the same room!

This area, although perhaps not in line with our décor parameters (see our dining room here), works for us. We wanted to have a little fun with the desk nook because we could! I found this painting at a local store and have never had art “speak to me” until I met this piece haha. It’s a little quirky yet modern with its stark white background and bright pops of color. I am obsessed! Rebel and Tiger told me they like it too.

My tips for creating your own desk nook are simple:

  • Find a corner with unused space: Identify a space in your home that is currently wasted! This corner previously had a giant recliner in it (disclaimer: we inherited the furniture when we bought the house #vacationrentalproblems). But said recliner was far too large and frankly awkward… it had to go. The second we moved it out, the vision for the desk nook came to life. Every house has that nook or cranny that is just waiting to be optimized!
  • Find furniture that fits perfectly: I’ve had this desk since college and it fits so well. I found it in a consignment store (here’s a similar option). Simple is better! Get a basic desk that you can dress up with decor. The desk should be subtle because the entire room needs to maintain functionality for whatever purpose that room serves now. My desk nook is situated in our living room. You can probably understand why I wanted to keep it simple as it sits in our most used room.
  • Make it your own: Add touches to your desk nook that make you happy! I have a little succulent, which side note, they’re kind of hard to keep alive! I think I drowned one that I had before this one. Anyways, I also have my iPad, planner, magazines and a little crown… because, duh. When I am working here, it becomes layers of papers just because it’s so small but I always make a point to tidy it up once I am finished. Select touches that make the space feel like it belongs instead of being an afterthought.

Having a designated desk space helps keep me on task! I’ve never been one to maintain productivity from the couch. This space, although small is just enough to keep me on track. Do you have a designated office or did you have to get creative in curating a space? Either way, I’d love to know!

Wishing you a happy Wednesday! Thank you so much for reading today.

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