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Birthday Wish List

Jun 5, 2017

Mini Dress | Cross Necklace | Clutch | Coffee Table Book | Shift Dress | Tennis Shoes | Sunglasses | Jean Shorts | Wedges

I debated what to write for this post because not only is my birthday on Wednesday, we are celebrating our two-year wedding anniversary tomorrow! That fact deems this week as like, the best of the year for me haha! I joked with Mack throughout planning our wedding that this week would give him the opportunity to plan a getaway each year since there’s so much to celebrate. But in all honesty (and #reallife), we paid off my college loans last week which is better than any trip. Although, maybe next year we will be able to take a fun trip since that debt is gone. Praise hands so high right now!

Although I did link to some items that I’d love to have for our wedding anniversary/my birthday, I want to let you all in on some things I’ve learned this year as well. It’s been the quickest one yet and I hate that so much. BUT I enjoy the reflection on another year lived and like to think that I am a little bit wiser (just kidding, read this post here). Here’s three things I’ve learned in the past year:

  • Overcome distractions: I like to watch Ted Talks and motivational speakers on YouTube. As I get ready in the morning, I’ll google something like, “best Ted Talks for women” and just pick one. I take advantage of the 20 minutes or so to just listen while I put my makeup on. Recently, I was listening to one and it mentioned that there are so many distractions in this world. When I thought about that fact it was like a lightbulb moment. Sometimes, I will look at Instagram and look up an hour later without even noticing it. That’s no way to use my time! I am learning/trying to be more intentional with my time. Think less Housewives episodes and more walks with the dogs!
  • Ask questions: In the post linked above, I mention that I really don’t know anything. With that fact, comes the need to ask questions. For whatever reason… I find myself feeling timid to ask a question, no matter the situation. I am getting over this because really, who cares haha. We can’t learn unless we ask questions. Now that’s not to say that I am not going to Google the heck out of it before I must ask a human, but still. Umm Siri, “did you get that?”
  • Relax: I am the absolute worst at this (but recently started hot yoga which helps). I am hard on myself in, well, everything. Whether I am talking to Mack or my parents, the response I usually get from them is a drawn out, “relax.” I don’t know why I put immense pressure on myself but I decided the other day to give myself a little grace. I think you all can probably relate to this, and here’s a simple reminder that we could all use some grace.

Just like that another year is gone and its posed challenges but more happy moments than I can count! I don’t feel old enough to be an adult. How funny, right? But Mack and I talk about it often and just laugh and remind ourselves that in the large scheme of things, we really are so young! I am so thankful for every opportunity this past year has presented and humbled beyond measure. Who knows what the next year will hold but I am confident it will be good!

I hope you have a great Monday! Thanks so much for reading today!

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