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Two Products for Low Maintenance Hair

Apr 26, 2017

Two Products for Low Maintenance Hair

Two Products for Low Maintenance Hair

Two Products for Low Maintenance Hair

Two Products for Low Maintenance Hair

Batiste Dry Shampoo | L’oreal Next Day Hair

Perhaps instead of “low maintenance” I should simply say the lazy girls guide to hair! Despite my best efforts to have voluminous, teased, perfectly curled hair, it just doesn’t work with the current climate in which we live. In Mississippi, I could curl my hair and it would stay for HOURS… I am talking hours! Best thing ever. This was quite opposite from living in Denver where I couldn’t get my hair to hold anything. Fast forward to moving to Florida’s panhandle and the moisture coming off the gulf water makes my hair fall flatter than flat. Except of course it rains in which my hair just frizzes up! So to combat all of this, I’ve developed a routine that works for me and in most cases, my hair looks better on the second day which is always good news!

The two products I use weekly to keep my hair in check are L’oreal Next Day Hair and Batiste Dry Shampoo! For the longest time, I washed my hair every single day. This became exhausting and I read that it’s actually not that great for your hair. So, I now wash every other day or about three times a week which is a such time saver in the morning. I am so happy when I go to sleep at night knowing I don’t have wake up early 20 minutes earlier to wash and dry my hair (#sadbuttrue).

On days that I wash my hair, I wash it, let it air dry for about 30 minutes and then blow dry my hair completely. After it’s completely dry, I will use my Next Day Hair, after parting my hair where it naturally falls. Moving down from my part, I pull one inch sections from the forehead to the crown on my head and spray on the root of my hair. I do this on both sides and always down to about the top of my ears. Then, I  pull my hair on the crown of my head up to spray the root from behind, again in one inch sections downward for three inches. I’ll then let the spary set while I do my makeup. Before leaving the house, I will brush my hair out and I am good to go!

On days in-between washes, I wake up and brush my hair first! Sometimes it’s a mess so I like to at least brush it out because it usually falls back into place without much hassle. Then I will spray Batiste Dry Shampoo in the exact same fashion; starting at my part, pulling one inch sections across from my forehead to the crown on my head to spray the root of my hair. Repeat on both sides and at the crown of your head as well! I always let the dry shampoo sit in my hair while I do my makeup! A friend recommended this dry shampoo to me and I am obsessed! It’s the best I’ve used and literally cost my $6 at Publix. So exciting! Anyways, once I finish applying my makeup, I brush my hair out again, teasing at the root slightly to make sure no dry shampoo is showing and I go on with my day!

This is my routine to style my hair every single day! No matter if I am going to work, shooting blog photos or just running errands. My hair doesn’t change! Do I wish I could curl it everyday, and have perfectly bumped hair, yes! I really really do! But, I know myself and I don’t have the time or patience to curl my hair in the morning, especially when I run the risk of it falling flat the minute I walk out my front door. I know my hair, its texture and its capabilities haha. If someday in the future Mack and I find ourselves in Mississippi, you’ll be seeing a different side of my hair but for now in this heavily humid area, straight hair it is. And side note, I am convinced that all humidity was not created equally but I love it nonetheless (it does wonders for my skin).

Do you have a go-to regime for styling your hair? This routine has required some trial and error but I finally have it down pat and I am so happy about it.

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