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Three Must-Have Items to Organize a Vanity

Mar 6, 2017

Organize Your Vanity

Organize Your Vanity

Organize Your Vanity

Organize Your Vanity

Organize Your Vanity

Organize Your Vanity

Storage: Necklace Holder (similar) | Acrylic Bracelet Organizer (similar) | Acrylic Drawers (similar)

 I showed you all a sneak peek of my vanity in our guest bedroom post a few weeks ago! This furniture was handed down to us by my parents after living in their shed for like 20 years. Mack painted it with the help of his Dad and I think it’s just adorable. Since moving, I’ve turned this piece into my vanity area where I store or rather display all of my jewelry. I used to keep all of my jewelry tucked away in one of my dresser drawers… don’t ask me why. When it was out of sight, it was also out of mind. Rarely would I go into my jewelry drawer (which honestly resembled a junk drawer) to accessorize my outfits. Once our guest bedroom was finished, I took the the vanity to get organized and better display and utilize my jewelry. It has made a world of difference! Here are three items that I found especially helpful as I organized my vanity:

  • Necklace Bar: A necklace bar is essential to store not only those big statement necklaces but more importantly the dainty necklaces that tangle easily. I use one side of the t-bar for statement necklaces and the other for those tiny stackable necklaces. This necklace bar specifically has a strong base which allows me to stack all of my heavy necklaces on one side without it tipping over.
  • Acrylic Bracelet Holder: I use a tiered acrylic stand for my watches, bracelets and even earrings. Although I don’t have them organized in a specific manner, I love how it looks. The most important fact is that this tiered bar is so functional and large enough to show all of my bracelets and watches. I usually wear at least a watch during the day but find myself alternating between my options now that they are visible.
  • Set of Acrylic Drawers: This little set of drawers is great to store those random items that maybe don’t need to set out on the vanity. For me, that includes some makeup palettes (here and here), a few sets of statement earrings and a pair of Mack’s cufflinks. I like to add some fun details on top of the drawers like my perfume and this tiny mermaid dish to store any stackable rings. I like these personalized touches because that perfume is from my wedding day and I got that mermaid dish when we lived in North Carolina. These fun reminders bring back the best memories and add a personalized touch to the space.

For any of you that watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although my vanity area isn’t like that of Lisa Vanderpump (in fact, I think her closet is the size of our entire house), I like that I’ve created a girly space to sit, get ready and accessorize all in one place! What’s your favorite way to display your jewelry and organize your vanity? I am sure I will rearrange this a few times but for now, I love it!

For your reference here are some similar options for all of my baubles shown above:

Dainty Necklaces

Statement Necklaces


Stackable Bracelets

Statement Earrings

*Tassel hoop earrings are from Blush Destin*

Have a great week! Thanks for reading today!

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