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Winter White Wool Skirt

Jan 27, 2017

White Wool Skirt

White Wool Skirt

White Wool Skirt

White Wool Skirt (similar) | Body Suit (similar) | Black Tights | Booties (similar) | Clutch (similar) | Sunglasses (similar)

When I used to live and work in Denver I often struggled with work wear in the freezing cold weather. I know I am not alone in this! It can be so easy to pair skinny dress pants with boots and big sweater all season layered under a big coat. However, when I returned home over the holidays, I made sure to pack this winter white wool skirt. I wasn’t working per say, but wanted to have a cold weather, dressy option in case of last minute dinner plans or a holiday party. This wool skirt is a classic in my closet and although it doesn’t get much use in Florida, it’s something I will never rid my closet of.

Whether headed to work in a business-casual office setting, to a Board Meeting full of executives or simply running your own business, it’s important to put your best outfit forward. Have you seen The Intern? Well if I am being totally honest, I watch it at least once a week (I wish I was kidding, I am not). It’s my favorite movie of all time. Anyways, Robert De Niro plays a “Senior Intern” for an up and coming online company specializing in women’s clothing. He wears a suit to work every single day. Despite the fact that he is an Intern and this hip tech company is like, “totally casual.” He schools his coworkers (guys in their mid-20’s) about dressing to impress and to always carry a handkerchief. I love the movie for more reasons than I can list but mostly because I love the “old school” reminders offered from the senior intern to the millenial co-workers. If we can learn anything from generations before us, it’s to dress well and work hard, always.

This winter white wool skirt allows me to do just that- it’s comfortable, structured and keeps in line with the basics I covered last week. Not to mention, it’s wool therefore it’s warm for those winter temperatures. Add lined tights and a fun clutch along with your favorite heavy jacket and you’re all set!

I hope you have a great weekend. Thanks so much for reading today!

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