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Style a Bar Cart

Jan 25, 2017

Style a Bar Cart

Style a Bar Cart

Style a Bar Cart

Bar Cart (similar) | Wishbone (similar) | Drink Stirrers | Cocktail Napkins | Faux Marble CoastersAll in Good Taste | Champagne (similar– so cute!)

A bar cart, and a well styled one at that, is something every home needs! Our bar cart is one of my favorite parts of our dining area. We keep it nested beside our serving buffet and just steps away from the dining table. It’s a fun accent in the room, styled simply but with just enough to make it interesting. We keep our’s stocked with the essentials, which for us, include: scotch (for Mack), wine or champagne (for me), little “toast” stirrers, faux marble coasters, and a touch of pink. Here’s how to style a bar cart:

  • Select a Bar Cart: I love our round bar cart! With all of our other furniture, the circular shape of the bar cart rounds off our dining area and serves as a nice segway into our living area. Analyze your space to determine where the bar cart will fit best and what shape to look for. Those key components will narrow your search as there are endless size and shape options available.
  • Find a Statment Piece: I spotted this wishbone statue in one of my many afternoons perusing the aisles of HomeGoods. Although in that moment had no idea where it would go but knew that we needed it. Alas, I brought it home and Mack questioned what we would do with a wishbone statue. I doubted myself only for a minute before finding it a perfect home at the back of our bar cart! I like the height it brings to the overall aesthetic and balance it achieves with the tall bottles that often find themselves at home on the bar cart.
  • Stock Favorites: As mentioned above, we keep our bar cart stocked with what we like. However, if we host a gathering, I make sure to add some variety for our guests. In my opinion you can never go wrong with wine- so we do always have a bottle of red and one of white on-hand in case of last minute get togethers. Also, a bar cart don’t have to be used specifically for alcoholic beverages. If you don’t drink but love coffee, create a fun little coffee bar, stocked with essentials to create a specialized place to satisfy breakfast with family or friends.
  • Add Essentials: Depending on which manner you decide to use the bar cart, stock essentials as necessary. For us, this means a decanter, decorative and cheeky cocktail napkins, “toast” stirrers, faux marble coasters and various glasses (which we keep on the bottom).
  • Plan Accordingly: Although our bar cart may look sparse, I like to keep it as simple and clean as possible. I do this so it looks presentable for everyday life- which don’t get me wrong… is a party– but perhaps we don’t need our bar cart stocked for ten people when we don’t plan on having anyone over haha. If we do have a get together, I make sure to run to the store and stock it with signature favorites, mixers for beverages, limes, lemons and more.

All in all, a bar cart can be a fun accent piece in your home (whether you use it as a bar or not). We got our bar cart in October and I’ve already had so much fun switching up the style of the bar cart based on the time of year or holiday to make it festive. It’s always changing as I find cute napkins here or there, keep a different bottle on the top or stack books differently as we accumulate pretty books to display.

How do you style your bar cart? And what are your essentials? I’d love to know!

Have a great day! Thank you for stopping by today!

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