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Bridesmaid Dress by Azazie

Dec 2, 2016

Azazie Bridesmaid Dress

Azazie Bridesmaid Dress

Azazie Bridesmaid Dress

Azazie Bridesmaid Dress

Azazie Iman Dress in Dusty Rose

We all know that I have a deep love of weddings. Not only due to my own wedding, but I truly enjoy witnessing such a monumental event in a couple’s life! Since our wedding last June, I’ve attended a number of weddings and they are so much fun because happy memories flood my mind, while I get to celebrate another couples love, amongst their family and friends. In my opinion, it is impossible to be anything but joyful at a wedding!

Since my days of being the Bride have concluded, my focus has shifted and I am looking forward to a few 2017 weddings in which I get to be a bridesmaid. If I am being honest, this is the best gig! Not only do I get to be pampered all morning typically with a mimosa in hand, I get to stand along side the Bride as she says, “I do!”- what an honor!

A common stress factor for most Brides (myself included at the time) is WHAT to have each bridesmaid wear? Furthermore, will the dress fit properly? This was something that my dear bridesmaids kept from me until after the wedding (bless them)! Sadly, a number of them had fit issues with their dresses. Even after multiple trips to the tailor, a few were uncomfortable in their dress for the day. I never want another bridal party to experience this again! Even though my sweet besties were good sports, I believe that bridesmaids dresses- from selection to the Big Day- should be something that does not stress a Bride out or break the bank of any bridal party!

I recently partnered with Azazie to bring Brides a solution for this often stressful process. I have to tell you all, I was so impressed with the ordering process, quality, fit and packaging of this dress (it came folded neatly in a hanging bag- SO convenient)! This dress was tailor-made based on my measurements (I am a size A4 for reference). The best part is, this commitment to fit is standard for every girl that orders! Fit is so important to any dress and I was totally comfortable in mine with no need to visit the tailor. How perfect is that? I selected this style and color in particular while thinking ahead to summer weddings. This Dusty Rose tone is just beautiful and would complement a traditional church or outdoor ceremony seamlessly. I prefer a dress that isn’t strapless and I always LOVE when bridesmaids are in full-length gowns. No matter the dress code of the wedding, I think the elongated length adds elegance for your main girls and who doesn’t love to dress up for the day? I certainly know I do! Finally, if you are a Bride that intends to tell the bridesmaids to, “pick your own shoes,” the length of this dress will cover any shoe mishaps that maybe don’t match as well as you would have hoped. We love our bridesmaids, yes! But if you’re particular like me, you will be thankful for this length if a pair of selected shoes are not your fav (just something to consider haha).

No matter what the style or color scheme for your Big Day, Azazie has an option for your bridesmaids! I personally experienced their commitment to quality, fit, and accountability as shown in the dress above and I was pleasantly surprised. And this coming from a former Bridezilla! I am only kidding, but confident that your #girlsquad will appreciate these dresses!

I hope you have the best weekend! Thank you so much for reading today!

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  1. Emily

    December 4th, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Such great timing for this post … I’m in a friend’s wedding in July and JUST yesterday the bride decided to go with Azazie dresses for us! Do you recommend definitely putting in your exact measurements when you order?

    Hope you’re doing well!! Thanks for the advice and suggestions!

  2. Christina Griffin

    December 4th, 2016 at 5:49 pm

    Hi Emily!
    I am so glad you found this post helpful! I ordered an A4 and it was almost perfect- just a tad long. But I just put on some higher heels haha. But it was almost spot on true to size! If you’re in-between, I would say go down a size. In looking at the measurements again… I would have been okay in an A2. But these dresses are not like others where you are supposed to order a large size to have it tailored to fit. I would suggest measuring based on the suggestions here, and order accordingly. I was comfortable in mine with no tailoring at all! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you so much for reading!


  3. Amae

    February 1st, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Great article! I love this dress. You wouldn’t happen to be interested in selling it or renting it out would you?

  4. Christina Griffin

    February 2nd, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    Hey Amae,
    Thank you so much for reading! I am sorry but I am unable to sell it and not sure about renting it out just because the sizing is really specific. I appreciate you asking however. If you go to the Azazie website, here, this dress is $129 and you can select from a number of color options. I hope this helps!


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