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A Place to Call Home: Final Notes

Nov 7, 2016

A Place to Call Home: Final Notes

Happy Monday! I am so happy to report that we are at the conclusion of my home buying series here on Little Mrs. Particular. It’s been really fun to share our experience as first time home buyers with each of you! Home ownership really has been such a blessing to us. I tell Mack all the time how much I love it and it’s truly home because it’s ours. Mack and I have moved three times and although a rental eventually feels like home, inevitably, a move is always coming. We are truly settled here and so thankful! After closing day we had to complete a few final checklist items before we got to this settled feeling so I wanted to share those with you now!

Pack the Rental

Do I say and NOT as I do for this bullet point! If I am being completely honest, Mack and I didn’t pack one item until after our closing day this time around. However, in our two moves prior to this one, I was diligent about packing strategically and in an organized manner. In order to pack effectively, I always organized each box by room, and would label each with a description of its contents a well as a general title such as, “Office.” This maximizes your ability to be organized on the other end of your move, which ultimately is most important. Additionally, we would store large boxes such as our printer, tv and computer so we could reuse those and each item could be placed in the original packaging.

In additional to packing, it’s also really important to purge and donate or trash items that no longer serve you or your home. This can be hard at first but is so freeing when you part ways with things that simply clutter your home. We’ve done this purging process three times over and every time we wonder how we accumulate so much stuff. We gave so much to Goodwill this time around and it felt great. As you pack each box ensure that any item being moved can be used in your new house. If it can’t, it’s time to part ways!

Sell Furniture

As previously mentioned, the house we moved into was sold fully furnished. This was great because we loved a lot of items that were included with the house. However, it also posed a large problem since we had a three bedroom condo that was also fully furnished. This left us with two full houses of furniture and essentially no where to store it. Mack and I sat down before we closed and made a list of what we would keep from our current house, the new house and items that would be donated to Goodwill. All other items had to be sold which was a daunting task at first. We were nervous about not selling it all and considered getting a storage unit or even using our guest bedroom as a storage room until we were able to sell it but thankfully we didn’t have to do either. Instead of messing with Craig’s List, posting about it on Facebook and an array of other mediums used today to sell items, we opted straight for furniture consignment. Because we live in an area saturated with vacation rentals, there are a number of locations to choose from. However, if you don’t live in a vacation destination, I am sure with some googling you can locate a consignment store of some kind that will accept furniture!

I contacted five consignment stores and emailed each photos of what we wanted to sell. The furniture collection that we needed to sell included such a wide variety of items and not all were cohesive and most were out of date. After being denied by four places, that’s right, FOUR, we got a call from a store that would literally take all of our furniture! What a relief that was! Since placing our items in this store just over a month ago, we have already picked up one check and have another on the way. We’ve almost sold every item!

Get Organized

The first night that we stayed in our new home was one filled with so much joy… and boxes everywhere haha. It look me three full days to unpack and organize everything. I am all about, “everything has a place,” so it was tedious act organizing our belongings. Furthermore, even though Mack and I have been married for over a year, I just unpacked majority of our wedding gifts as I knew we wouldn’t be somewhere permanently until this time (it was like Christmas morning)! I don’t have any specific advice on where to start per say, just start! For me, the sooner I got each box emptied and out of the house, the better. It’s so much easier to organize the items when you can see them! Trust me! Of course, give yourself time and grace during this transitional period. I always feel totally out of control when my home is in disarray. Luckily, I was off from work for a few days after we moved which made it fairly easy for me to get our home in order quickly. But ultimately, getting organized takes time so don’t feel rushed. It will all come together!

Budget for Decor

Last but not least, let the decorating begin! It is so much fun to dream about how to decorate your home but it’s not fun to realize that those dreams come with a hefty price tag. It’s like wedding planning all over again (haha)! After a few weeks of living in our new home, Mack and I determined an overall theme for our decor which has been a lifesaver when selecting items that will work or not. Based off of items we already owned and pieces we aspire to add, the theme makes sense in our minds and includes a neutral palette paired with mixed metallics (gold and silvers), and pops of color or patterns as we see fit. I must say, so far I am obsessed!

I’ve mentioned before that Mack and I operate on a monthly budget that we complete at the beginning of each month. Furthermore, we check in on our spending every single week to ensure we are on track. So far, on a monthly basis, we have selected one or two large items that we want to get for our home. Last month, it was this skirted storage bench and new bedding. This month, it’s a new couch! Little by little our home is coming together. Additionally, we always budget a “cushion” amount, which has been going mostly to HomeGoods for the past few weeks haha. We picked up the bar cart shown above and the oversized wishbone just this past weekend! I’ve found it extremely helpful to select items I want to buy and commit what I love about them to memory. Then, I go to HomeGoods and attempt to find similar items that are a fraction of the cost. Although this won’t happen with every item in our home, I am SO excited when I find something that will work. I  linked some similar bar cart options and most are $200 and below.

Of course, I will share a home tour soon! However, I want to wait at least until we get our new couch first! Stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading today!

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