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Gift Guide Under $50 for Him

Nov 14, 2016

Ice Molds + Old Fashioned Glasses | Lip Balm | Slim Card Case | Belt | Grid-It | Cocktail Kit

I don’t mean to generalize here but I find it to be true that all men are hard to shop for! For as long as I can remember, when my Mom would ask my Dad what he wants for Christmas she would get the same response- he didn’t need anything. Fast forward to me and Mack and I am finding out more and more how similar he is to my Dad. Whenever I ask Mack what he would like for Christmas, his response exactly mimics what I’ve heard my Dad say for the past 25 years. 

This is not a fault by any means and simply represents that they are thankful for what they have- which is an amazing quality. However, it makes gifting a challenge. Of course, I am still going to get them both a gift, but have to play a guessing game. Luckily, I only have to address this once a year for both my Dad and Mack as their birthday’s fall right in between the holidays.

Therefore, I pulled some gifts that are useful, thoughtful and fun for all the dads, husbands and brothers. if you are at a loss of what to get them this holiday season. Here’s why these gifts are great options:

  1. Mack loves scotch and he prefers it over any other drink. We have the whiskey rocks but he has voiced to me that they don’t keep the drink cool enough so I thought he may like to try these ice molds! The spherical shape of the ice is supposed to enhance the taste of the scotch- and it just looks classy if you ask me. For $25 you can get the glasses and ice molds which is a great deal!
  2. These lip balms are called the “Balm Squad” which I think is funny! If I had to guess, most of the men in our life would not buy themselves lip care of any kind so we need to get it for them. Although I haven’t tried these balms, they look like a great option for our guys.
  3. A slim option to hold cards is always a plus for guys! Not to mention, the pants that men are wearing these days keep getting slimmer and slimmer so they need a wallet option that is slim enough the fit into those fitted pants. I like this leather option best!
  4. Anytime we are trying to leave the house in a hurry it seems what delays us is that Mack can’t find his belt. So, this belt is on my list because I feel like he needs a few extra. 
  5. Our guys love their gadgets, cords and more so this Grid-It is a good option for the man in your life that needs some help organizing all of his gear. Techy or not, this Grid-It is perfect for organizing a number of items that usually cram pockets or end up at bottom or backpacks never to be found again. Let’s avoid that and all keep a little peace of mind by keeping them in order!
  6. Finally, I think this carry on cocktail kit is just a fun stocking stuffer that any guy will appreciate! Who doesn’t love a little in-flight cocktail?

With that, I hope this helps you generate some ideas for the number one man in you life! Although they are humble and insist that we don’t gift them with anything, it’s important to thank them for all do for us everyday!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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