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At-Home Eyebrow Maintenance

Oct 26, 2016



Anastasia Eyebrow Kit | Eyebrow Brush | Tweezers

We’ve all been there… either we over tweeze our own brows or someone else does it for us with wax or thread. And when it happens your heart drops because if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent time growing those brows out so that they will be perfectly shaped after the appointment. And after all that, it’s time to start the process over again which is 6 to 8 weeks of explaining to people to, “ignore my brows, I am growing them out.”

There have been just a handful of times that I can recall my brows being totally destroyed and pencil-thin afterward. One of these times was in high school at a nail salon and most recently, a few months ago at a local threading shop. In both occasions, the root of the problem was that I waited until the last minute to have them done so I just went to anyone! Despite my best efforts to brief the brow tech on what I wanted, I knew the minute she started threading from the top of my brow, it was all over. They were thin, not even and honestly, although other people “won’t notice” (that’s what Mack told me), eyebrows shape your entire face. So, when they are off, everything just looks off!

A few years back when I was living in Denver, I religiously went to Nordstrom where they have an Anastasia Brow Studio. Without fail, due to the stencils, measurements and precise estheticians, I always walked away feeling fab and refreshed. In remembering this, I decided to take matters (aka my brows) into my own hands! After 8 weeks of growing them out after the threading incident of 2016, I used this Anastasia Brow Kit and was pleasantly surprised (For reference, I have the blonde palette even though I have brown hair because when I use this palette to fill, I like it to be subtle). Here are the steps I used:

  1. First, I washed my face so I was working with a fresh face and didn’t have worry about makeup or dirt getting into my pores after plucking.
  2. Next, I took my Sephora eyebrow brush and brushed my eye brows up so I could clearly see which hairs were already out of place along the arch line of my brows.
  3. Then, I tested the Anastasia stencils against my brows and selected the Full Arch brow stencil. I’ve always loved thick eyebrows so I try to keep mine as full as possible. In reading the directions, it suggests that you use the stencil that your brows fill completely.
  4. Once the stencil is lined up, I held it in place and filled the stencil in with the brow shadow using the brow brush from the kit. I went over my brow a number of times to make the color really dark. This enabled me to clearly see which eyebrow hairs feel outside of the stencil and needed to be plucked.
  5. Next, I started at the fullest part of my brow and began to pluck the hairs that didn’t belong (this took me a long time to get all of them cleaned up). I continued this to the thinest part of my brow. At the end of my brow, I had to pluck some from above to give it that finished look. BUT I don’t recommend plucking from the top of your brow anywhere else.
  6. I then repeated steps 1-5 on the other brow.
  7. To finish, I left both colored eyebrows done so I could see the middle hairs that didn’t belong and finish shaping the two from the middle.
  8. Next, I rebrushed all brow hairs in an upward motion and ever so slightly trimmed my brows with a pair of tiny scissors (I actually use cuticle scissors to do this). This is risky so be careful and do the smallest amount of trimming possible.
  9.  I used a close up mirror to make sure all stray hairs, even the baby blonde ones are plucked.
  10. Finally, I rewashed my face to remove the shadow used on the brow stencil and voila! New brows!

In total, this took me about an hour to complete. However, I was so pleased with the results and the idea of controlling the fate of my own eyebrows! I believe that as I continue to do this, I will be able to do it more efficiently. This first time around I wanted to make sure I took my time to really get the shape right.

With the Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne and Keira Knightley’s of the world, it’s important to always put your best brows forward haha. Do you maintain your eyebrows yourself or do you have a trusted professional that does so?

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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