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Olive Cold Shoulder Sweater

Aug 31, 2016

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Sweater & Shoes: c/o Blush Destin, sold out | Jeans (similar) | Sunnies

After exactly one week of watching the world’s most athletic compete, usually while drinking wine (seems about right), I decided that shooting photos of this sweater in August deserves a gold medal. Thank goodness for the cut-out shoulder because this girl needed a breeze!

Seriously, have you all been keeping up with the Olympics? I can’t get enough of it. Quite frankly, I am thankful to turn on my television after work and just leave it on all night until I go to sleep, no matter what I am doing. I find that with my normal shows, especially those that I typically watch (i.e. The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Housewives, and the list goes on…) I get irritated with the background noise if I am not engaged and watching. But this just doesn’t happen to me with these competitions going on. It doesn’t matter the sport, if I am across the room I will cheer for whichever Team USA member is competing in that moment. Even for shooting, at first I was unamused and within ten minutes I was yelling at the television and cheering on Virginia Thrasher of Team USA as she won gold. I love the feeling of the Olympics, the unity is encourages and the pride that all of us can associate with Team USA. I’ve found the Olympics to be such a breath of fresh air in a world that seems so broken all the time. I am thankful for the athletes and these competitions and the moments of pure joy when hard works pays off. I am in awe of the sheer dedication to their sports. I literally amazes me, especially the gymnasts. HOW do people do that stuff?

Okay, okay onto the sweater… I think I jinxed Florida! Remember last week when I said it wasn’t going to be fall for a long time? Well this entire week has been filled with rain, rain and more rain. Granted, it’s still hot and humid but the sun refuses to come out. Perhaps this is fall in Florida? Luckily, I have my transitional items and this sweater to get by. The olive hue, cold shoulder detail and almost crop top cut are attributes of this sweater that I just love. I can pair with white jeans or ripped jean shorts in this rain and still keep it in the closet rotation throughout the cooler months.

Hoping for some sunshine going into the weekend but if not, I’ve got the Olympics, Mack and my puppies to keep me company. Wishing you a great weekend!

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